Mechanical Design Specialist Diploma (MDS)

For Whom Intended: Mechanical design is important in most engineering applications where the product is exposed to vibration and shock during transport and service. The need to understand the effects of vibration and shock on product reliability is paramount today where electronic/computer components are part of almost every product. Many engineers need specialized education to properly understand this generally unfamiliar environment and to reproduce it in environmental test laboratories. The (MDS) diploma is for design engineers and project managers. It also helps quality and reliability specialists. It is designed to serve the needs of personnel in a wide range of industries where equipment problems may be encountered during the shipment and use of their product. The instructors maintain a good balance between theory and practical applications. Project personnel, structural and packaging engineers learn how to take the effects of vibration and shock into account in the design process.

During the course of the program participants will learn basic dynamics theory, damping and resonance; structural theory; modal analysis; fixturing; mechanical shock and its design implications; isolating assemblies from shock and vibration; fatigue and material selections and material selection. They will also be exposed to basic electronics; applied measurements; mechanical stress analysis, corrosion control techniques and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GDT).

Required Courses

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Required for All Level II Diplomas

Revised 6/6/2018