About TTi

Technology Training, Inc. was founded in 1962 to provide training in engineering applications not found at conventional educational institutions. The training is aimed at individuals already working in industry and government, to enhance their understanding of their everyday work. (Clients List)

Colin StephensTTi President Colin Stephens became associated with TTi in 1989 and took over ownership and management in early 1990. He developed many new programs including the Specialist Diploma Program which is modeled after the professional development certificate programs of the University of California Extension. The scope of the courses offered by TTi has been greatly expanded and our curriculum covers subjects related to design, test and manufacturing of a wide range of “high-tech” products, with particular emphasis on Quality and Reliability.

We specialize in presenting short courses in various aspects of engineering, design, environmental testing, instrumentation, electronics, metrology, quality assurance, quality control and reliability associated with that area of activity called Environmental Engineering.

The thrust of our courses is to enable the course participants to understand the concepts involved in applying accepted engineering, testing and manufacturing procedures, so that products do not fail due to exposure to the environmental conditions which they may encounter in their everyday applications.

TTi courses are offered to personnel actively involved in various aspects of engineering. Attendees have the opportunity to acquire specific application oriented education. TTi instructors are well qualified, experienced individuals with “hands on” experience. They present the material in a manner that ensures that the participants understand the topics being covered, enabling them to return to their jobs and apply techniques learned at TTi.

We offer a continuing education program leading toward a Specialist Diploma to enable individuals to have a structured training program to follow over several years. The courses have been designed into modules to enable the participants to specialize in different areas. It enables them to improve their skills and prepare for advancement in their chosen careers. A unique feature of the TTi Specialist Diploma Program is the Thesis requirement.

TTi offers different course presentation options:

  • OnDemand Complete Internet Courses are recorded during live presentations but can be viewed at the student's convenience. These are streaming audio and visual recordings, to which the viewer is granted a 30-day license.
  • Group Webinars presented by a remote instructor to clients’ employees only.
  • “Distance learning” or correspondence courses for individuals to pursue on their own.