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OnDemand Complete Internet Course

  • Complete courses video recorded during live presentations.
  • With this option, individuals who cannot attend a live course can view the course materials and view pre-recorded lectures, complete with student/instructor discussions.
  • Students can set their own schedule for learning. Ideal for international students!
  • On-line access is provided for one user for 30 days. Additional time can be arranged if needed, for an additional fee.
  • For a group of 2–4 students taking the same course, or for a single student taking 2-4 courses, there is a 10% discount. This increases with the number of students or the number of courses:  5–9, 15%; 10–14, 20%; 15–19, 25% and 20+, 30%). Courses must be purchased on the same order to receive these discounts. To purchase with discount, and for larger groups, contact TTi.
  • Price includes six-month access to the on-line textbook. Printed textbooks are available separately.
  • See OnDemand Training for more details.

Distance Learning Course

  • Distance learning format. 
  • Each course consists of
    • an on-line textbook
    • a printed workbook containing questions and problems for the student
    • access to the complete video course
    • TTi's services in grading the student's work.
  • Printed materials are shipped to the student via standard shipping (6-9 business days). Contact TTi for a quote on international or expedited shipping.

OnDemand Short Topics

  • Short topics are excerpts from our longer courses, sometimes brought together from different courses because of a common theme.
  • Save time by studying only the specifics that interest you.
  • Get a quick review or an overview of a new topic. 
  • You can create your own custom course, of any length.
  • Virtually any chapters from any TTi courses can be used to create a custom short topic.
  • Place your selected chapters in your cart for an instant price quote.
  • Some Short Topics include pre-recorded video along with related text material (priced starting at $50), while others (priced at $25) contain text material only. Click the topic's "learning module" link for details.
  • Please contact TTi for details.

Online Text Material

  • TTi Online Text Material can be viewed using TTi's on-line viewer system. On-line content is identical to the slideshow used during classroom presentations, with notes interspersed for added details.
  • This format is not to be confused with TTi's OnDemand Complete Courses, which include video.
  • The on-line viewer system does not permit users to save content to their own computers or to print the content; printed books are available for separate purchase.
  • The purchase price provides a six-month subscription. (Additional time can be arranged if needed, for an additional fee.)
  • This product is included in a complete OnDemand course and need not be purchased separately.
  • The system is designed for use with PC or Mac computers as well as iPads. Other tablets may also be used, in some cases. Ask TTi for temporary access to sample content in order to test a device for compatibility.

Printed Material, Standard Shipping

  • Printed Course Materials, with standard shipping to US customers (delivery in 6-8 business days). International customers, please contact TTi for a shipping quote.
  • (The price of attendance at TTi live open or live webinar courses includes these printed materials; no separate purchase required.)



Printed Material, Expedited Shipping

  • Printed Course Materials, with expedited shipping to US customers (delivery in 3-5 business days). International customers, please contact TTi for a shipping quote.
  • (The price of attendance at TTi live open or live webinar courses includes these printed materials; no separate purchase required.)




Live Open Course

  • Live open courses are occasionally conducted at our clients' facilies at sites around the US.
  • By attending a live course, attendees benefit from total immersion in the subject matter, as well as meeting fellow attendees from other organizations, with whom they can stay in touch for technical and career networking.
  • Course fee includes access to TTi's on-line textbook viewer system, a printed textbook, lunches and refreshments during the course.
  • Attendees are responsible for their own travel and accommodations during the course.
  • For topics not covered by our live courses, please consider an On-Demand complete course or short topic.


Let TTi know of your interest!

  • TTi makes a final decision whether to proceed with a scheduled open course a minimum of two weeks prior to the first day of class. If not enough attendees are enrolled, it may be necessary to reschedule a live course.
  • Use this item to reserve a space in a live open course or live webinar, without obligation. TTi will take your reservation into account in its go/no-go decision.


Purchase your own set of hardware for practice of concepts learned during in-class demonstrations

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