Group Webinars with Live Instructor

TTi offers a wide range of courses to organizations for presentation to a group of co-workers, taught by a remote TTi instructor. These include all the courses offered in our various Specialist Diploma programs plus many others. Using a live virtual instructor, TTi can tailor the Group Webinar to the special interest and needs of the organization, and students can discuss organization-specific issues during the presentation. If a student misses a scheduled Group Webinar session, they can make up the topic(s) missed by viewing the relevant portion of a TTi Complete OnDemand course. Our recommended one-day-a-week schedule enhances learning and minimizes disruption of day-to-day operations, though other scheduling arrangements may be made.

Many organizations are entering into multi-year agreements with TTi to present “Specialist” programs as a series of Group Webinars. One-, two- and three-year options are available. In the case where some employees miss a particular course, they may make up that course by taking a TTi Complete OnDemand course. Among other advantages, organizations pursuing this option are relieved of continually evaluating a potpourri of course offerings each time an employee submits a training request.

Our courses are divided into the following groups:

  • Climatic and Dynamic Engineering
  • General Engineering
  • Electronic/Electrical Measurement and Testing

Please see our complete list of available Group Webinar topics. Examples of course prices are here.

Group Webinars are particularly attractive to organizations that have eight or more individuals to train in a specific subject at the same time. The financial savings are considerable, as compared to the costs of sending each employee out to an “open” course, such as travel, hotel, and meals.

We would be pleased to submit a proposal to present a Group Webinar to your organization. Let us know your requirements and tentative training dates and we will respond by return fax or e-mail.