Bolted Connections (157)

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Chapter Outline

310 - Chapter 5 - Bolted Connections (Fixture Design for Vibration and Shock Testing )

  • Preload
  • Data on Bolts
  • Design of Bolted Joints
  • Stiffness Data
  • Required flange material area
  • Material thickness, stiffness

Video Outline

Bolted Connections

Bolted Connections • Bolted Joint Connections • Pre-load • Example • Bolted Joint Stiffness • Designing Bolted Connections • Bolt Data • Bolted Joint—Washer Design • Selection of the Steel Washer to be used Under the Bolt Head • Bolt Joint Design—an Example • Fastener Parameters (Socket Head Steel Bolts) • Correction for Short Grip Length • Recommended Hardware Dimensions for Bolting • Bolt Configurations • Calculating the Required Flange Material Area • Thickness of the Fixture Material • Stiffness of the Fixture Material • Bolted Joint Stiffness—Example • Effective Stiffness (keff) of Slip Plate to Transverse Loads • Shear connections • Bolts in Shear • Effect of Stiffness on Resonant Frequency • Total Stiffness of a Bolted Joint—Example