Designing for Stiffness (157)

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Chapter Outline

310 - Chapter 4 - Designing for Stiffness (Fixture Design for Vibration and Shock Testing )

  • Natural frequency and stiffness graphs for various structures
  • Beam Formulas
  • Plate frequency parameters, examples
  • Column Resonance
  • Axial Resonance
  • Example: Stresses in a Loaded Beam

Video Outline

Designing for Stiffness

Designing for Stiffness vs. Strength • Frequency Oscillation of a Rod • Natural Frequency of a Simply Supported Beam • Natural Frequency of a Cantilever • Effective Mass • Beam Formulas •  Effective Mass of a Beam: Example • Natural Frequency of Simply Supported Plate • Beam Formulas • Stiffness of Gussets—with End load • Effective Stiffness of Gusset  • Beam Formulas •  Plate Frequency Equation • Fixed vs. Simple Supports • Plate Frequency Parameters • Column Resonance • Axial Resonance • Example: Determining Stress in a Loaded Beam