Guarded Voltmeter (166/164)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 8-4 - Guarded Voltmeter (Applied Measurements for Electrical Instrumentation)

  • Guard Shields
  • Grounded Measurement
    • Grounded Measurement with a Common-Mode Voltage
  • Floating Measurements
    • Inside an Ideal Floating Voltmeter
    • More Realistic View of a Floating Voltmeter
  • Guarded Voltmeter
    • Connecting the Guard
    • Guard Connection to Low at Voltmeter
    • Guard Connected to Earth Ground
    • Don’t Leave The Guard Open
  • Bridge Measurement
    • Guard Connected to Low at Voltmeter Input
    • Guard Connected to Low at the Bridge
    • Guard Connected to Ground at the Bridge
    • Driving the Guard in a Bridge Measurement
    • Summary

Video Outline

Guarded Voltmeter