Parameters of Linear Systems (166/164)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 5 - Parameters of Linear Systems (Applied Measurements for Electrical Instrumentation)

  • Frequency Response
  • Dynamic Range and Linearity
    • Non-Linear Mechanical System
    • Non-Linear Systems
    • Input-Output Characteristic Curve
    • Distortion of a Sine Wave
    • Typical Linearity Curve of an Instrument
    • Design/Performance Characteristics of Sensors
    • Methods of Computing Linearity
  • Signal and Spectrum Before and After Clipping
  • Effects of Inadequate Frequency Response
  • System Response to a Rectangular Pulse
  • Low-pass, High-pass, Bandpass and Notch Filters
  • Phase Response
  • Response of a Linear Network to a Sine Wave

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Parameters and Linear Systems