Class Project Using GPS Receiver (173)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 10 - Class Project Using Raspberry Pi computer and GPS Hat (Global Positioning Systems (GPS))

  • Class Exercise, Day 1
  • Components Used for Class Project
  • Setting Up and Using the Pi with the GPS HAT
  • Code Snippets used in Day 1 Exercise
  • Logging in
  • Linux Commands
  • Looking around
  • Look at some raw NMEA data
  • What's in the data?
  • Python interactive and Hello World
  • Fun with pipes!
  • Python script to separate the data fields
  • Capture some raw data and use it
  • indexing the data
  • get the time
  • get the latitude
  • Class Exercise, Day 2 Outline
  • Code Snippets used in Day 2 Exercise
  • Linux Commands
  • What's a daemon?
  • Starting up a daemon
  • Using gpsmon
  • Using cgps
  • Importing the library
  • Blocking reads
  • Data Attributes
  • Waiting for a Fix—Looping
  • Checking: Waiting for a satellite info
  • Apply the time
  • What time is it on the Pi?
  • Set the time on the Pi using GPS time
  • Shutdown

Video Outline

Overview of Pi Models

Parts Needed To Run A Raspberry Pi

Creating Raspian Drive Image

Overview of Raspian / Linux Desktop

Connect to Pi Using SSH

Looking Around in Linux

What is a Pi Hat?

Soldering Header On To Pi Hat

Assemble the Pi

Tour of Raspian Desktop, Set up Pi To Release Console Pins

Do We Have a Fix?

Looking At Raw NMEA Data

Getting Acquainted With Python