Satellite Tracking, Triangulation and Differential GPS Systems (173)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 7 - Triangulation, Dilution of Precision (Global Positioning Systems (GPS))

  • Coordinate Systems for Triangulation: ECI vs. ECEF
    • Satellite Locations -- Earth-Centered Inertial system
    • Receiver Locations -- Earth-Centered Earth-Fixed system
  • Triangulation
    • Determining Signal Travel Time
    • Distance Measuring
    • Determination of User Position
    • Range Measurement Calculation
    • Calculation of User Position
    • “Code-Phase” and “Carrier-Phase”
  • Dilution Of Precision (DOP)
    • Types of DOP
    • Example: DOP in Two Dimensions
  • GPS Multipath Errors
  • Error and Map Problems