Dynamic Analysis Tools—Data Filtering (197)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 5 - Dynamic Analysis Tools—Data Filtering (Digital Signal Processing and Data Analysis)

  • Introduction to Filtering
    • Analog Filtering
    • Digital Filtering
    • A Fundamental Difference Between Analog & Digital Filters
    • Filter Characteristics
  • Filtering in the Frequency Domain
    • "Standard" Waveforms
      • Square
      • Sine Non-Integer Waves/Buffer
      • Filtered Random, Square and Sine waves
    • Real Filter Emulations
  • Filtering in the Time Domain (the More-General Case)
    • “Running or Moving Average”
    • Running “Parabolic Average”
    • Non-Recursive or FIR Filters
      • Convolution Filters
        • Convolution Filter Design Process
        • Advanced Convolution Filter Design
    • Recursive (or IIR) Filtering

    • Impulse Function

Video Outline

Dynamic Analysis Tools - Data Filtering