Special Cooling Applications (471)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 11 - Special Cooling Applications (Cooling Methods for Electronics Design)

  • Advanced Cooling Techniques
    • Boiling Dielectric Liquid System
    • Thermal Electric Cooler
  • Semi-Passive Thermosyphon
  • Semi-Passive Falling Films
  • Simulated Electronic Chips in Dielectric Liquid
    • Pool Boiling
    • Flow Boiling
    • Liquid Jet or Spray Cooling w/ Boiling
  • Micro and Mini Channel Cooling: Simulated Electronic Chips with Attached Heat Sink
  • Introduction to Heat Pipes
    • Why a heat pipe works
    • Heat pipe sinks for electronic component cooling
    • Fluid Compatibility
    • Field experience
    • Constant-conductance heat pipe
      • Types of groove and wick configurations
    • Diode heat pipe types
      • Liquid trap
      • Liquid blockage
      • Gas blockage
    • Variable-conductance heat pipes (VCHPs)
    • Capillary pumped loop (CPL)
    • Comparison of VCHP and CPL performance
    • Analysis: Heat pipe capacity
      • System pressure drop
      • Thermodynamic considerations
      • Working fluids, compatibility
    • Testing, applications, performance, references
    • Experimental investigation of micro heat pipes fabricated in silicon wafers

Video Outline

Special Cooling Applications (Heat Pipes, Liquid Cooling, Thermal Electric Coolers)