Convection Heat Transfer (471)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 4 - Convection Heat Transfer (Cooling Methods for Electronics Design)

  • Definitions, Nomenclature
  • Free or natural convection vs forced convection
  • Heat transfer and film coefficients for air flow around different shapes
  • Convection equations
  • Effect of altitude
  • Cooling fins and heat sinks
  • PC board spacing, power, and heat removal; Example
  • Forced convection on PC boards; Example
  • Three methods of enhancing forced convection on PC boards
  • Turbulent and laminar forced convection inside shrouded fins; effect of fin tip gaps
  • Impingement cooling
  • Interleaved fins
  • Pin Fins plus impingement flow
  • Sample problems
    • Natural convection
    • Heat sink
    • Laminar flow
    • Turbulent Flow
  • Pressure Drop and Fans
    • Equation for circular sections
    • Fanning friction factor
    • Cooling fan selection
    • Pressure vs. airflow
    • Pressure Drop Checks
    • Pressure Head Basics

Video Outline

Convection Heat Transfer, part 1

Convection Heat Transfer, part 2