Conduction Heat Transfer (471)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 3 - Conduction Heat Transfer (Cooling Methods for Electronics Design)

  • Heat flows through a solid
  • Addition of Thermal Resistances
    • Series
    • Parallel
    • Combination
  • Factors affecting Joint Thermal Resistance
    • Roughness
    • Pressure
  • Improving conduction: Metal foils, shims, thermal grease,
  • Effect of contact pressure and area
  • Contact resistance, minimizing; Example
  • Heat Sinks and Heat Exchangers
  • Properties of Thermal Plane Materials
  • Thermal wedge clamp; Example
  • Surface Mount PC Board Assembly
  • Metal core PC boards; materials; determining IC case to board core resistance
  • Thermal paths, thru-hole vias
  • Amplifier internal heat sinking
  • Thermal conductivity of
    • Substrate materials
    • IC packaging materials
    • Adhesives
  • Thermal spread angle; values for common materials; Example
  • Diamond heat sinks

Video Outline

Conduction Heat Transfer, part 1

Conduction Heat Transfer, part 2