Random Vibration and Spectral Analysis (117)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 5 - Random Vibration and Spectral Analysis (Fundamentals of Vibration for Design Applications)

  • Sinusoidal vs Complex vs Random Vibration
    • "Single Sweep" Time History
  • Demonstration of the Effects of Random Vibration
  • Special Definitions for Random Vibration
  • Why use frequency domain?
    • Phase of Frequency Domain Components
    • Time and Frequency Domain
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Power Spectral Density
    • Shaker Power Spectral Density Response
    • Equalization to Correct PSD
    • Calculating the RMS From the PSD
    • Developing Total RMS from Spectral Plot
    • RMS Calculation
  • Transmissibility Derived From Random Vibration
  • The Fourier Transform
    • Discrete Fourier Analysis
    • Fast Fourier Transform
  • Spectrum Analyzers