Digitizing Theory (194)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 5, Course 196 - Digitizing Theory (Vibration and Shock Test Control Techniques)

  • Digitizing Theory—Bits, Bytes, Words
    • Bytes
    • Kilo, Mega, Giga, Terra, Peta…Googol
    • Coding Conventions
  • The Analog-to-Digital Transformation
    • The BiPolar A-to-D...Offset Binary Coding
    • A/D Conversion Characteristics
    • A/D Conversion “Gross Errors”
    • A/D Conversion “Small Errors”
    • A/D Resolution
    • Resolution vs. Number of Bits
  • Full Scale Sine Input Dynamic Range—“Effective Bits Test”
    • Dynamic Range—“Effective Bits Test” Spectral Calculation
    • Real System Dynamic Range Characterization
    • Dynamic Range…Zero-Input Response
    • The Effect of Analysis Bandwidth
    • How Many Bits are Needed?
    • The “Effective Bits” Test
    •  “Effective Bits” Results
    • What’s The Difference?
    • Which Characterization Should be Used?
    • An Alternate Effective Bits Calculation

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Digitizing Theory