Sampling Theory โ€” Aliasing (196)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 6 - Sampling Theory โ€” Aliasing (Digital Data Acquisition)

  • Sampling Theory—Digitizing “Rules”
    • How Often to Sample?
    • Conventional Wisdom
    • Shannon’s Theorem
  • Digitizing With various numbers of Points/Cycle
  • Aliasing Example
    • Aliasing: Correctly Sampled Set
    • Aliasing: Undersampled Set
    • Aliasing Example .. Comparison of Data Sets
  • The Spectral View
  • Aliasing.. Viewed as Folding
  • The Insidious Part
  • Where Does the Aliased Data Appear?
  • Aliasing Example .. Sine Signal
  • Aliasing/Multiple Folding
    • Another View of Folding (and a Trick!)
    • The Way It has been Done So Far
    • “Undersampling”
  • The Aliasing Diagram
  • Critical Points

Video Outline

Sampling Theory โ€” Aliasing