Accuracy, Precision, Errors and Dynamic Range (196)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 4 - Accuracy, Precision, Errors and Dynamic Range (Digital Data Acquisition)

  • Accuracy and Precision—Definition
  • Measurement Model
    • Ideal vs. Perfect
  • The Transfer Function of Signal-Path Components
    • The System Transfer Function
  • Errors
    • Deviations From the Assumed Model—Linearity
    • Linearity Characterization
    • Differential Nonlinearity
  • Accuracy and Dynamic Range
    • Dynamic Range
    • Headroom—Designing for the Unexpected
    • Finding Small Effects in Large Data
    • Accuracy and Dynamic Range—How are they Quantified?
  • Errors… Re: Full Scale or Re:Reading
    • Errors.. Time-Domain Characterization… “DC” Accuracy
  • SpecsManShip...Lying with Statistics
  • A Diversion… What Does RMS Error Mean?
  • Accuracy/Dynamic-Range Characterization
    • Dynamic Range vs. Accuracy
  • Sources of Error
    • Bias and Random Errors
    • Classical Error Analysis
  • AC/DC Coupling
  • “Out-of Band” Energy

Video Outline

Accuracy, Precision, Errors and Dynamic Range