Developing Life Cycle Environmental Profiles (LCEPs) (451)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 36 - Developing Life Cycle Environmental Profiles (LCEPs) (Understanding MIL-STD-810G)

  • Task 402: Life Cycle Environmental Profile (LCEP)
  • LCEP, Description
  • Contents of an LCEP
    • Special Considerations
  • Details to be Provided by the Acquisition Agency
  • What is a Life Cycle Environmental Profile?
  • Life Cycle Environmental Profiles as the Foundation for Test Tailoring
    • Integrating Engineering Information
    • Support for Technical Management
    • Role of the LCEP in Product Development
  • LCEP and Design Margins
  • LCEP Should be a Living Document
  • Level of Effort and Time Required
  • LCEP Development Overview
  • A Building Block Approach to Developing LCEPs
    • Step 1: Identify Product Service Use Requirements
    • Step 2: Identify Applicable Platform Types
    • Step 3: Identify Product & Platform Characteristics
    • Step 4: Characterize Logistics, Deployment, & Distribution Modes
    • Step 5: Characterize and Quantify Service Use Environments
  • Time Histories: A Starting Point for Identifying Service Environments
    • Environment Characterization

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Developing Life Cycle Environmental Profiles (LCEPs)