Dynamic Primer: Shock and Vibration (451)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 20A - Dynamic Primer: Shock and Vibration (Understanding MIL-STD-810G)

  • Laws of Motion
  • Weight vs. Mass
    • System of Units
    • Common Units of Mass
    • Weight, Mass and Gravity
    • Weight, Specific Weight, Density and Specific Gravity
  • Work, Power, Energy
  • A Simple Dynamic System
    • Degrees of Freedom
    • Single-Degree-of-Freedom (SDoF)
    • Relationship between Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration
  • Vibration Considerations for Design Engineers
  • Fixture Design for Vibration and Shock Testing
    • Purpose of a Fixture
    • Basic Considerations for Fixtures
  • Quick Look vs. Detailed Analysis
  • Power Spectral Density .. PSD
  • What is Shock?
    • Causes of Shock
    • Effects, Remedies of Shock
    • Terms Used in Mechanical Shock
    • Input Pulse and Response of a Sprung Mass
    • Typical Complex Shock Pulses
    • Shock Pulse Shapes, Parameters
    • Classical Shock Pulse Shapes
  • Selecting a Test Procedure
    • Steady-State
    • Random
    • Impact Testing
    • Burst Random / Chirp
    • Shaker Testing
    • The "Light-Weight" Shock Tester
    • High-Amplitude, High-Frequency “Impact” Transient Simulators
    • Electrodynamic Shakers
    • Drop Testing Machine
    • Shock Testing Problem Areas

Video Outline

MIL-STD-810G: Dynamics Primer