Random Vibration Testing (116/117)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 12 - Random Vibration Testing (Fundamentals of Vibration for Test and Design Applications)

  • Calculating the RMS From the PSD
  • Gaussian Random Signal
    • Standard Deviation
    • Statistical Degrees of Freedom
    • Accuracy/Confidence vs. DOF
  • Time and Frequency Domain Terminology
  • Transfer Functions
    • Actuator System Transfer Function
    • The Transfer Function - Gain Relationship
    • Determining the Transfer Function
    • The “Tickle Test”
  • Specialized Tests
    • Sine on Random (SoR) Tests
    • Random on Random (RoR) Tests
  • Spectrum Splitting 
  • Overtest Protection
    • Vibration Protection
  • Random Vibration Structural Analysis—Example
    • Random Vibration Test Spectrum
  • “Walkthrough” of an Imaginary Test

Video Outline

Random Vibration Testing (ver. 116-117)