Accuracy, Calibration and Error Assessment (163)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 5 - Accuracy, Calibration and Error Assessment (Instrumentation for Test and Measurement)

  • Simple Statistics of Measurement
  • Random Data and the Gaussian Distribution
  • Cumulative Distribution Functions
  • Probability Density Functions
  • Confidence Levels
  • Types of Error
    • Measurement Error
    • Systematic Error
    • Total System Error: a Function of Elemental Errors
  • Error Assessment
    • “System Accuracy” or “Calibration” Plot
  • Temperature Error
  • Transducer Error
  • Areas of the Normal Curve
    • Table: Normal Curve
  • t (Student) Distribution
    • Table: t Distribution
  • Chi-Square Distribution
    • Table: Chi-Square Distribution

Video Outline

Accuracy, Calibration and Error Assessment

Condensed this video from 49 minutes to 35 in 2112. Condensing is just shortening the long pauses Don waits for students to respond or the time he contemplates the next slide. Received feedback that he presents too slowly for for someone watching as VOD.