Introduction to Vibration Exciters (Shakers) (116)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 6 - Introduction to Vibration Exciters (Shakers) (Fundamentals of Vibration for Test Applications)

  • Mechanical Shakers
  • Electrohydraulic (EH) Shaker
    • Automotive Applications
  • Electrodynamic Shakers
    • Theory of Electromagnetic Operation
    • Electrodynamic Shaker— Armature
    • Force Rating and Available Acceleration
    • Displacement and Velocity Limits of Electrodynamic Shaker
  • Shaker Ratings Example
  • Shaker Technologies—Stroke vs. Frequency Range
  • Electrodynamic Shakers System Maintenance
  • Extending Table Diameter
    • Table (Head) Expander
    • Horizontal Accessory - Oil-Slip Tables
    • Vibration Testing on a Slip Plate
  • Combined Environmental Reliability Testing (CERT)
  • Electric Vibration Actuators
  • Installing a Vibration Exciter (Shaker)
    • Shaker Isolation
    • Measuring Ambient Vibration
    • Shaker foundation platform design process
    • Characteristics of Pier or Pad

Video Outline

Introduction to Vibration Exciters (Shakers) Part1

Introduction to Vibration Exciters (Shakers) Part 2