Introduction to Random Vibration (116)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 5 - Introduction to Random Vibration (Fundamentals of Vibration for Test Applications)

  • Demonstrations — Sinusoidal Vibration, Complex Waveform, Random Vibration
    • “Single Sweep” Time History
    • Demonstration of the Effects of Random Vibration
  • Statistics and Random Vibration
    • Probability Distribution
    • Statistical Evaluations
    • Random Data Spectrum
    • Gaussian (Normal) Distribution Curve
    • Continuous Probability Distribution
  • Random Data
    • Random Vibration Spectrum
    • Time-History Properties
  • Spectra
    • Spectrum Calculation ... Comb Filter Analogy
    • The Spectral View
    • Auto Spectral Density or Power Spectral Density
    • Spectral Density
    • ESS Random Vibration Spectrum
    • PSD Graph, Linear vs. Logarithmic Scale
    • Example of Vibration Spectrum
  • Calculating the RMS From the PSD
  • Shaker Power Spectral Density Response
    • Equalization to Correct PSD
  • High-Frequency Noise
  • Deriving Transmissibility from Random Vibration

Video Outline

Introduction to Random Vibration (ver. 116-117)