Dynamic Force and Motion (116)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 3 - Dynamic Force and Motion (Fundamentals of Vibration for Test Applications)

  • Laws of Motion
    • Weight vs. Mass
    • System of Units
    • Units of Force and Mass; Example
    • Mass, Weight, Common Units of Mass
    • Gravity
    • Weight, Specific Weight and Density
    • Relative Density or Specific Gravity
    • Work, Power, Energy
  • Some Fundamentals of Dynamics
    • A Simple Dynamic System
    • Degrees of Freedom
    • Examples of Various Degrees of Freedom
    • Single-Degree-of-Freedom (SDoF)
    • Undamped Vibrations
    • Sinusoidal Waveform
  • SDoF — Sinusoidal Relationships
    • Relationships Between Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration
    • Effect of Frequency on Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration
  • Natural Frequency
    • Decaying Sinusoidal Vibration
    • Forced Vibration for SDoF System
    • Transmissibility
    • Plotting Transmissibility vs. Frequency Ratio
  • Isolation and Damping
    • Determining Damping Ratio Experimentally
    • Effect of Damping
    • Transient Peak Ratio vs. Damping Ratio
    • Effect of Damping on Frequency of Max Response
    • Vibration Isolators
    • Continuous Systems
    • Viscoelastic Damping on Laminated Beam
    • Damped vs Undamped Response
  • Modal Testing & Analysis
  • Vibration Considerations for Design Engineers

Video Outline

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Dynamic Force and Motion, part 3 (ver116-117)