Spectral and Fourier Analysis (164)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 17 - Spectral and Fourier Analysis (Instrumentation for Electrical Test and Measurement)

  • Spectral Analysis: Why and What?
    • Definitions of Various Vibration Signals
    • Phase of Frequency Domain Components
    • Time and Frequency Domain
  • Fourier Analysis
    • Adding Signals—Using RMS Values
    • The Fourier Transform
    • Discrete Fourier Analysis
    • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
    • Spectrum Analyzer Block Diagram
  • Spectrum Analyzer Measurements
    • Original Signal
    • Test Setup
    • Corrected Signal
    • Correction Factors
  • Stimulus-Response Measurements
  • Return Loss Measurement
  • Measuring Low-Level Signals
    • Signal after Video Averaging
  • Selecting the Best Display Detection Mode
  • Detection Modes
  • Measuring Burst Signals

Video Outline

Spectral and Fourier Analysis