DC and AC Signal Sources (164)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 13 - DC and AC Signal Sources (Instrumentation for Electrical Test and Measurement)

  • Batteries in Series and Parallel
    • DC Signal Sources
  • Power Supply with a Regulator
  • DC Power Supply Specification
  • How to Use a Power Supply
    • Proper Connections with Multiple Loads
  • Kinds of Oscillators
    • Oscillator Configurations
  • Sweep-Frequency Generators
  • Square Wave
    • Pulse Shape of Square Wave
    • Use of Square Waves in Testing
  • Function Generators
    • Testing with a Function Generator
  • HP 33120A Function Generator
    • Waveforms Generated By Function Generator
    • RMS Waveform
    • Signal Generation Process
    • Equivalent Circuit
    • Output Resistance and Load Resistance
    • Front Panel
    • Front Panel Number Entry
    • Frequency, Amplitude Selection
    • Offset Voltage Selection, Duty Cycle
    • Modification of Standard Waveforms
    • BenchLink and User-defined Arbitrary Waveforms
    • Specifications

Video Outline

DC and AC Signal Sources