Valve Trim and Characteristics (825)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 5 - Valve Trim and Characteristics (Theory and Practical Application of Valve Technology)

  • Valve Trim
    • Types of Seats and Seals
    • Valve Functional Characteristics
  • Valve Characterization
    • Inherent Flow Characteristics
    • Characteristic Profiling
    • Simple Disc Shaped Plug
    • Plug Outlines
    • Cage-guided Trim, Flow Characterization
    • Inherent Flow Characteristics
    • Pump Flow Rate vs Discharge Pressure
    • Pressure Drop Ratio
    • Linear Flow Characteristic
    • Percentage Flow Characteristic
    • Linear vs Equal Percent Characteristic Selection
    • Cavitation Control
  • Trim Selection Guide—Liquid Applications
  • Cavitation Control Example
  • Plug Hard Surface Facing Variations