Mechanical Shock Test Procedures (425)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 6.3 - Mechanical Shock Test Procedures (Environmental Testing Procedures)

  • General Information
    • Reasons to perform shock tests
    • Types of shock testing and choice of procedures
  • Testing Preparation
    • Testing: Common themes and required information
    • Testing parameters and tolerances
    • Control strategy
    • Condition of DUT
    • Subsystem Testing, Load Factor
    • Preconditioning, Initial Checks, Calibration
  • Sample Shock Test Procedures
    • Functional
    • Transit Drop
    • Bench Handling
    • Crash Hazard
    • Rail Impact
    • Pyrotechnic
    • Protective Packaging & Damage Boundary Graph

Video Outline

Shock Test Procedures

Purpose and Application • Sequence  • Choice of Test Procedures  • Types of Shock Tests • Generation of Oscillatory Transients • Shock Testing Common Themes • Information Required—Compulsory, as Necessary • Shock Test Procedures • Testing Parameters and Tolerances: Classical Shock Waveform Pattern, Complex Shocks • Control Strategy • Installation Conditions of DUT • Effects of Gravity and the Load Factor • Test Preparation • Sample Shock Test Procedures: Functional, Transit Drop, Bench Handling , Crash Hazard, Rail Impact, Pyrotechnic Shock, Protective Packaging • Product Fragility • Damage Boundary Theory • Step Velocity  and Step Acceleration Tests • Input and Response