Vibration Test Procedures (425)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 5.3 - Vibration Test Procedures (Environmental Testing Procedures)

  • Modal Testing and Analysis
  • Sine Vibration Testing
    • Closed Loop Control
    • Sweep Rates
    • Resonant Search
    • Fixture Evaluation
  • Random Vibration Testing
    • Equipment Operation
    • Severities
    • Tolerances
    • Control Options
    • Test Set-up, Preparation, Procedures
    • Failure Criteria
  • Types of Vibration tests, Combinations
  • Force-limited testing

Video Outline

Vibration Test Procedures

Modal Testing • Shaker Modal Testing • Shaker Modal Testing System, Sample Layouts: with Accelerometers, with Laser Doppler Vibrometer • Impact Hammer Modal Testing • Modal Analysis • Sine Vibration Testing • Closed Loop Control • Slow Sine Sweep • Minimum Sweep Rate for Full Resonance Response • Swept Sine Resonant Search—Fixture Evaluation Example • Procedure for Fixture Evaluation Example • Review of Random Vibration Testing Control • Random Vibration Structural Analysis—Example • Typical Vibration Test Methodology • Equipment Operation • Severities • Information Required—Compulsory, as Necessary • Tolerances-Sinusoidal Vibration, Random Vibration • Vibration Excitation—Control/Control Options • Control Chains • Installation Conditions of DUT • Test Set-up  • Test Preparation • Test Procedures, General • Specific Types of Vibration Tests • Swept Frequency Vibration • Fixed Frequency Sinusoidal Vibration • Wide-Band Random Vibration • Fixed Center Frequency Narrow BandRandom Vibration • Swept Narrow Band Random Vibration • Fixed Frequency Sinusoidal Vibration onWide-Band Random Vibration • Swept Frequency Sinusoidal Vibration on Wide-Band Random Vibration • Fixed Frequency Narrow Band Random Vibration on Wide Band Random Vibration • Improved Vibration Testing with Force Limiting