Accelerated Testing (425)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 11 - Accelerated Testing (Environmental Testing Procedures)

  • Reducing Test Time
  • Test Assumptions
  • The Accelerated Test
  • What Does an Accelerated Test Accelerate?
  • Can Accelerated Testing Do What is Expected?
  • Which Environmental Forcing Functions Are Best?
    • Different Environments Produce Different Effects
  • Different Rates of Test Acceleration
  • How Much Acceleration should be Expected?
  • Are Accelerated Tests Always Shorter?
  • Critical Aspects of Accelerated Test Models
  • Accelerated Test Models
  • Accelerated Testing is Not Risk-Free
  • Miner’s “Rule” Cautions
  • The Basic Principles of Test Time Compression
  • Two Types of Test Acceleration
  • Higher Frequency of Occurrence
  • Exaggerate Load Levels
  • Accelerated Test Cautions

Video Outline

Accelerated Testing (ver. 425)