Vacuum Testing (425)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 8 - Vacuum Testing (Environmental Testing Procedures)

  • Vacuum Theory and Applications
    • Early Observation of a Vacuum
    • Concept of Pressure
    • What is a Vacuum?
    • Levels of Vacuum (approximate)
    • Vacuum Level versus Application
    • Vacuum Applications-Examples
  • Vacuum Test Equipment
    • Vacuum Pumps in a System
    • Roughing Pumps, Overview
    • Transition Pumps
    • Hi-Vacuum Pumps Overview
    • Diffusion Pumps
    • Turbomolecular High-Vacuum Pumps
    • Cryogenic High-Vacuum Pumps
    • Sputter-Ion High-Vacuum Pumps
    • Chemisorption/Getter High-Vacuum Pumping Mechanism
    • Vacuum Gauges: Classification, Considerstions, Selection
    • Bourdon Tube Direct-Reading Gauges
    • Diaphragm Gauges
    • Double-sided Capacitance Vacuum Gauge
    • Pirani Low-Vacuum Indirect-Reading Gauges
    • Convection Low-Vacuum Indirect-Reading Gauges
    • Thermocouple Low-Vacuum Indirect-Reading Gauges
    • Hot Cathode Ionization High-Vacuum Gauges
    • Modern Bayard Alpert Ion Gauge
    • Cold Cathode Ionization High-Vacuum Gauges
    • Vacuum Chambers and Components
    • Vacuum Seals: O-Rings
    • Face and Circumference ISO O-Ring Seals
    • Metal Vacuum Seals
    • Conflat or Knife-edge Metal Seal
    • Vacuum Seals: Feed-thrus
  • Vacuum Test Procedures
    • Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump System Operation
    • Diffusion Vacuum Pump System Operation
    • Ion Vacuum Pump System Operation
    • Cryogenic Vacuum Pump System Operation
    • Leak Detection Basics
    • Sources of Leaks
    • Outside-in Vacuum Leak Rate Measurement
    • Inside-Out Vacuum Leak Rate Measurements
    • Outgassing Basics

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Vacuum Environmental Testing