Review of Structural Design Fundamentals (310)

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 3 - Review of Structural Design Fundamentals (Mechanical Design for Product Reliability)

  • Material Properties
  • Tension and Compression
  • Stress and Strain
  • Shear
  • Torque
  • Moments of inertia
  • Torsional Stiffness
  • Torsional Shape Factors
  • Bending Stiffness
  • Instability of beams and flanges

Video Outline

Structural Theory (part 1)

Definitions of Common Mechanical Terms • Friction and Wear • Opposing Frequencies • Work, Power; Energy • Ballistic Pendulum • “Spring Gun” • Mechanical Advantage • Engineering Materials: Metals • Stress and Strain • Definition of Stress • Shear Stress and Tensile Stress • Examples of Stress: 1) Simple Tension or Compression, 2) Pure Shear • Strain • Shear Strain • Elasticity—Definitions and Laws • Stress-Strain Relationship • Tensile Strength • Non-linear Elastic and Anelastic Solid Material • Non-Elastic (or Plastic) Load-Extension (F/u) Curves • Torque (T)/ Tangential Acceleration (at ) • The Mass Moment of Inertia (IM) • Radius of Gyration (r) • Mass Moments of Inertia • The Area Moment of Inertia (IA) • Relative Stiffness (k) of Structural Members/Shearing Torques/Twisting Torques • Torsional Stiffness of an Open Cross-Section • Torsional Shape Factor (J) Comparisons • Moments of Inertia and Torsional Shape Factors for Some Typical Cross Sections • Torsional Shape Factors for Rectangular Sections • Plot of h/b vs Constant S • Example: Finding Torsional Shape Factor (J) • Moment of Inertia—Transfer Formula, Parallel Axis Method, Angular Transfer Method • Properties of Materials • Dynamic Response • Simple Beam/Bending Moment • Elastic Deflection of a Simply Supported Beam (with load concentrated at center of beam) • Sandwich Structures •  Bending Strengths • Structural Beams • Bending Stiffness of a Beam Kb • Simple Uniformly Loaded Beam • Finding Stiffness of a Composite Beam • Beam Instability—Twisting • Compression Member Instability • Buckling • Instability of Flanges • Flange Buckling • Structure Buckling • Resonant Frequencies of Flanges

Structural Theory (part 2)

Structural Theory (part 3)