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OnDemand Short Topics

425T (425T)25.00Add
320 Forms and Mechanisms of Corrosion, Part I (320)25.00Add
320 Properties of Metallic Materials, Part I (320)25.00Add
199 Transforms (199)50.00Add
161(optional) Guarded Voltmeter (161)25.00Add
197A Brief Data Acquisition Review (197)50.00Add
240A Brief History of ESS (240)25.00Add
195A Brief Run through an EMA Computer Session25.00Add
142/195A Brief Run through an EMA Computer Session (142-4)25.00Add
142A Closer Look at Shock (142)50.00Add
142/195A Closer Look at Shock (142-4)50.00Add
199A Model of a DSP System (199)100.00Add
162Abbreviations and Glossary (162)25.00Add
173Abbreviations and Glossary (173)25.00Add
P100AC Circuits, Phasors (P100)25.00Add
116/117Accelerated Testing (116/117)50.00Add
117Accelerated Testing (117)50.00Add
425Accelerated Testing (425)50.00Add
450Accelerated Testing (450)100.00Add
166Accuracy and Error (166)50.00Add
166/164Accuracy and Error (166/164)50.00Add
164Accuracy, Calibration and Error Assessment (164)50.00Add
163Accuracy, Calibration and Error Assessment (163)50.00Add
194/196Accuracy, Precision, Errors and Dynamic Range (194)100.00Add
196Accuracy, Precision, Errors and Dynamic Range (196)100.00Add
197-ARLAccuracy, Precision, Errors and Dynamic Range (197-ARL)25.00Add
425Acoustic Environmental Testing (425)50.00Add
199Acquisition of the Signal (199)50.00Add
425Additional Climatic Testing Procedures (425)50.00Add
134Administrative Requirements (134)50.00Add
197-ARLAdvanced Analysis Tools (197-ARL)25.00Add
171Advanced PCM (171)100.00Add
173Agricultural Applications of GPS (173)25.00Add
194/196Alias Protection (194)100.00Add
196Alias Protection (196)100.00Add
197-ARLAlias Protection (197-ARL)25.00Add
199Alias Protection, Filters and Filtering (199)100.00Add
P100Alternating Current — Series and Parallel (P100)25.00Add
104Amplifier Fundamentals (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Amplifier Fundamentals and Considerations (104/105)50.00Add
163Amplifiers and Signal Conditioners (163)50.00Add
164Analog and Digital DC and AC Meters (164)25.00Add
166/164Analog and Digital DC and AC Meters (166/164)50.00Add
104Analog and Digital Meters and Oscilloscopes (104-3)100.00Add
104/105Analog and Digital Meters and Oscilloscopes (104/105)100.00Add
163Analog Oscilloscope Controls (163)25.00Add
164Analog Oscilloscope Controls (164)25.00Add
166/164Analog Oscilloscope Controls (166/164)25.00Add
105Analog vs. Digital (105)25.00Add
104/105Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Conversion (104/105)50.00Add
194/196Analog-to-Digital Converters (194)50.00Add
196Analog-to-Digital Converters (196)50.00Add
197-ARLAnalog-to-Digital Converters (197-ARL)25.00Add
157Analysis of an L-Fixture (157)50.00Add
197Analysis of Transient Tests (197)100.00Add
451Annexes B, C, D Guidance for Program Management and Environmental Tailoring (451)50.00Add
171RAnswers to Review questions (171R)25.00Add
320Anti-Corrosion Guidelines for Naval Avionic Systems (320)25.00Add
138Application of Eye Diagrams (138)25.00Add
172Application of Eye Diagrams (172)25.00Add
172Application of Optics to Telecommunications Systems (172)25.00Add
138Application of Optics to Data Transmission System (138)25.00Add
108Application of Vibration Theory (108)25.00Add
450Applying Environmental Test Standards (450)50.00Add
164ASCII Codes (164)25.00Add
166/164ASCII codes (166/164)25.00Add
472Assembly (472)25.00Add
173Atomic Clocks (173)25.00Add
134Audits and Accreditation (134)200.00Add
197-ARLAveraged Transfer Function & Coherence (197-ARL)25.00Add
820Avoiding Pump Seal Failure (820)25.00Add
163Avoiding Unwanted Signals (163)50.00Add
164Avoiding Unwanted Signals (164)50.00Add
142/195Background and Theory of Modal Testing (142-4)50.00Add
195Background and Theory of Modal Testing (195)50.00Add
197-ARLBasic Analysis & Control Tools (197-ARL)25.00Add
194/196Basic Analysis and Control Tools (194)150.00Add
311Basic Concepts (311)25.00Add
196Basic Concepts and Terminology (196)50.00Add
194/196Basic Concepts and Terminology in Data Acquisition (194)50.00Add
194/196Basic Concepts and Terminology in Test Control (194)50.00Add
320Basic Concepts in Physics and Chemistry (320)25.00Add
171Basic Concepts: Decibels (dB), Sensors, Filtering (171)50.00Add
472Basic Electronic Components (472)25.00Add
157Basic Fixture Types (157)50.00Add
471Basics of Heat Transfer, Electronic Cooling, and Thermal Design (471)50.00Add
116Basics of Spectral Analysis (116)50.00Add
116/117Basics of Spectral Analysis (116/117)100.00Add
820Bearing Lubrication and Failure Analysis (820)25.00Add
130Bibliography of Textbooks and Reference Material (130)25.00Add
171Bit Encoding (171)50.00Add
157Bolted Connections (157)300.00Add
310/157Bolting in Dynamic Environments200.00Add
105Boolean Algebra (105)25.00Add
104/105Boolean Algebra and Karnaugh Maps (104/105)50.00Add
104Brief Review of Basic Mathematics (104-3)25.00Add
419Business Ethics (419)25.00Add
194/196Buzzwords and Jargon (194)25.00Add
196Buzzwords and Jargon (196)25.00Add
197Buzzwords and Jargon (197)25.00Add
161Cables (161)100.00Add
116Calculating RMS from PSD (Chapter 5 reference) (116)25.00Add
116/117Calculating RMS from PSD (Chapter 5 reference) (116/117)25.00Add
117Calculating RMS from PSD (Chapter 5 reference) (117)25.00Add
132Calculating Uncertainty (132)50.00Add
132Calculating Uncertainty: Expanded Equations (132)100.00Add
132Calculating Uncertainty: The Traditional Approach (132)50.00Add
138Calculation of Numerical Aperture (NA) Number (138)25.00Add
173Calibration and Uncertainty of GPS Systems (173)25.00Add
136Calibration of Vibration Measuring Instruments (136)25.00Add
138Calibration Procedure for an Optical Source (138)25.00Add
130Calibration Program (130)200.00Add
138Calibration Program (138)25.00Add
104Capacitors and Inductors (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Capacitors and Inductors (104/105)50.00Add
230Case Study Example (230)25.00Add
820Cavitation (820)25.00Add
171CCSDS (171)25.00Add
820Centrifugal Pumps (820)25.00Add
425TChapter 6-3 through Appendix (425T)25.00Add
196Characterizing Errors and Dynamic Range SpecsManship...the Fine Art of Lying With Math & Statistics (196)25.00Add
194/196Characterizing Errors and Dynamic Range/SpecsManship...the Fine Art of Lying With Math & Statistics (194)25.00Add
157Chassis Analysis Example (157)50.00Add
310Chassis Analysis Example (310)50.00Add
825Check Valves (825)25.00Add
138Chromatic Dispersion Measurements (138)25.00Add
172Chromatic Dispersion Measurements (172)25.00Add
161Circuit Board Layout (161)150.00Add
104/105Circuit Board Technology (104/105)50.00Add
105Circuit Board Technology (105)50.00Add
425Class Exercise—Random Vibration Testing of a Spacecraft Instrument (425)100.00Add
173Class Project Using GPS Receiver (173)250.00Add
157Class Project: Designing a Cubical Fixture (157)50.00Add
173Classification, Launch Data and Status of GPS Satellites (173)25.00Add
138Cleaning Procedure for Lightwave Test & Measurement Equipment (138)25.00Add
166Climatic Measurements: Flow (166)50.00Add
166/164Climatic Measurements: Flow (166/164)50.00Add
166Climatic Measurements: Humidity (166)50.00Add
166/164Climatic Measurements: Humidity (166/164)50.00Add
166Climatic Measurements: Pressure (166)100.00Add
166/164Climatic Measurements: Pressure (166/164)100.00Add
166Climatic Measurements: Temperature (166)50.00Add
166/164Climatic Measurements: Temperature (166/164)50.00Add
230Climatic Testing—The Big Picture (230)200.00Add
230Closed Loop Refrigeration Example (230)25.00Add
825Codes and Standards (825)25.00Add
230Combined Environments (230)50.00Add
161Common Mode Rejection (161)100.00Add
P100Complex Algebra (P100)25.00Add
P100Complex, Non-Sinusoidal and Square Waveforms (P100)25.00Add
311Conceptual Models for Failure Analysis (311)25.00Add
197Conclusions and Wrap-up (197)50.00Add
162Conducted Immunity (162)50.00Add
471Conduction Heat Transfer (471)250.00Add
421Configuration Management (421)25.00Add
471Conservation of Energy (471)50.00Add
162Considerations in EMC Projects (162)100.00Add
472Contamination Control/Environmental Control (472)25.00Add
132Control Charts (132)50.00Add
139Control of Records / Internal Audits / Management Review (139)25.00Add
825Control Valves (including Control Basics) (825)25.00Add
471Convection Heat Transfer (471)250.00Add
471Conversion Factors (471)25.00Add
435Correlation and Regression (435)100.00Add
194/196Course Overview, Objectives (194)50.00Add
196Course Overview, Objectives (196)50.00Add
139Customer service, Control of Nonconforming Test and Calibrations, Corrective and Preventive Action (139)25.00Add
131Cylindrical Rings and Internal Cylinders (131)25.00Add
194/196Data Acquisition Review and Summary (194)50.00Add
197-ARLData Acquistion Basics (197-ARL)25.00Add
194/196Data Analysis (194)25.00Add
196Data Analysis (196)25.00Add
197Data Averaging, Noise Reduction, Random Signals (197)150.00Add
171Data Buses (171)50.00Add
171Data Compression and Storage (171)150.00Add
164DC and AC Signal Sources (164)50.00Add
166/164DC and AC Signal Sources (166/164)50.00Add
163Decibels (dB), Logarithmic vs. Linear Scaling, Frequency Spectra, Octaves (163)50.00Add
164Decibels (dB), Logarithmic vs. Linear Scaling, Frequency Spectra, Octaves (164)50.00Add
116Decibels (dB), Logarithmic vs. Linear Scaling, Frequency Spectra, Octaves (116)50.00Add
116/117Decibels (dB), Logarithmic vs. Linear Scaling, Frequency Spectra, Octaves (116/117)50.00Add
117Decibels (dB), Logarithmic vs. Linear Scaling, Frequency Spectra, Octaves (117)50.00Add
166/164Decibels (dB), Logarithmic vs. Linear Scaling, Frequency Spectra, Octaves (166/164)50.00Add
132Definitions (132)50.00Add
130Definitions and Notation (130)25.00Add
161Definitions, Terminology and Basic Concepts of EMI/EMC/ESD (161)50.00Add
173Derivation of DOP Equations (173)25.00Add
472Design and Environmental Requirements (472)25.00Add
157Design Suggestions (157)50.00Add
310Design Suggestions (310)50.00Add
421Design Synthesis (421)25.00Add
116/117Design to Withstand Shock (116/117)50.00Add
117Design to Withstand Shock (117)50.00Add
142Design to Withstand Shock (142)50.00Add
157Designing for Stiffness (157)150.00Add
310Designing for Stiffness (310)150.00Add
450Developing Life Cycle Environmental Profiles (LCEPs) (450)150.00Add
451Developing Life Cycle Environmental Profiles (LCEPs) (451)150.00Add
172Development of Modern Communication Systems for US Air Force Aircraft Fleet (172)25.00Add
104Differential Amplifiers (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Differential Amplifiers (104/105)50.00Add
173Differential GPS; Augmentation (173)25.00Add
163Digital Analytical Techniques (163)200.00Add
163Digital Measurement and Recording Instruments (163)50.00Add
164Digital Measurement Instruments: Digital Multimeter Operation (164)50.00Add
166/164Digital Measurement Instruments: Digital Multimeter Operation (166/164)50.00Add
163Digital Multimeter Operation (163)50.00Add
199Digital Signal Processing and DSP Systems (199)50.00Add
171Digital Signals, Binary Arithmetic and Analog/Digital Conversion (171)50.00Add
105Digital Troubleshooting (105)50.00Add
194/196Digitizing Theory (194)50.00Add
196Digitizing Theory (196)50.00Add
197-ARLDigitizing Theory (197-ARL)25.00Add
131Dimensional Calibration: Precision scaled instruments (131)25.00Add
131Dimensional Standards (131)25.00Add
104Diodes (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Diodes (104/105)50.00Add
105Diodes (105)25.00Add
435Distributions (435)50.00Add
162DO-160 (Commercial Avionics) (162)100.00Add
142/195Documenting Modal Test Results (142-4)50.00Add
195Documenting Modal Test Results (195)50.00Add
419DoD Acquisition Ethics (419)25.00Add
240Draft Statement of Work for Generic ESS Process Development (240)25.00Add
199DSP In Communications (199)150.00Add
199DSP Tools (199)50.00Add
197Dynamic Analysis Tools—Data Filtering (197)50.00Add
197Dynamic Analysis Tools—Integration and Differentiation (197)50.00Add
310Dynamic Force and Motion350.00Add
108Dynamic Force and Motion (108)25.00Add
116Dynamic Force and Motion (116)250.00Add
116/117Dynamic Force and Motion (116/117)250.00Add
117Dynamic Force and Motion (117)250.00Add
157Dynamic Force and Motion (157)350.00Add
116Dynamic Force and Motion (Chapter 3 reference) (116)25.00Add
116/117Dynamic Force and Motion (Chapter 3 reference) (116/117)25.00Add
117Dynamic Force and Motion (Chapter 3 reference) (117)25.00Add
P100Dynamic Force and Motion (P100)25.00Add
157Dynamic Force and Motion (Reference) (157)25.00Add
310Dynamic Force and Motion (Reference) (310)25.00Add
451Dynamic Primer: Shock and Vibration (451)100.00Add
451Dynamic Primer: Shock and Vibration (SI Units) (451)100.00Add
161Electric Fields (161)50.00Add
136Electrical Calibration: Counters, Function and Pulse Generators, Power Supplies (136)25.00Add
136Electrical Calibration: Fiber Optics (136)25.00Add
136Electrical Calibration: Impedance Bridges, Amplifiers, Logic Analyzers, Angle Position Indicators (136)25.00Add
136Electrical Calibration: RF Power Measurement (136)25.00Add
136Electrical Calibration: Spectrum and Network Analyzers (136)25.00Add
136Electrical Calibration: Synthesizers/Sweepers (136)25.00Add
136Electrical Calibration: Temperature/ Humidity Simulation & Measurement (136)25.00Add
136Electrical Calibration: VOM Devices (136)25.00Add
472Electrical Component Vibration Fatigue (472)25.00Add
472Electrical Engineering (472)25.00Add
104Electrical Fundamentals Review (104-3)150.00Add
104/105Electrical Fundamentals Review (104/105)150.00Add
P100Electrical Fundamentals Review (P100)25.00Add
104Electrical Fundamentals: Background and Examples (104-3)25.00Add
104/105Electrical Fundamentals—Background and Examples (104/105)25.00Add
104Electrical Power Circuits (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Electrical Power Circuits and Transmission Systems (104/105)50.00Add
320Electrochemical Corrosion Processes (320)25.00Add
471Electronic Cooling Design Techniques: Chassis and Racks (471)200.00Add
471Electronic Cooling Design Techniques: Components (471)50.00Add
471Electronic Cooling Design Techniques: Printed Circuit Boards (471)100.00Add
104Electrostatic Discharge (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Electrostatic Discharge (104/105)25.00Add
105Electrostatic Discharge (105)25.00Add
161Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) (161)150.00Add
161Electrostatics (161)50.00Add
132Elemental Errors (132)150.00Add
P100EMFs in Series and Parallel (P100)25.00Add
161Enclosure Shielding (161)150.00Add
240Environmental Forcing Functions: Thermal and Others (240)100.00Add
240Environmental Forcing Functions: Vibration (240)200.00Add
451Environmental Management and Engineering Tasks — Annex A (451)50.00Add
240Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) (240)250.00Add
450Environmental Test Requirements Checklist (450)100.00Add
450Environmental Testing (450)100.00Add
425Environmental Testing Fundamentals (425)150.00Add
425Environmental Testing Program (425)50.00Add
139Equipment (139)25.00Add
240Equipment Needed for a HALT Test (240)50.00Add
172Erbium Doped Fiber Optical Amplifiers (EDFA) (172)25.00Add
162ESD Testing (162)50.00Add
161ESD: An EMI Problem (161)25.00Add
419Ethics in Congress (419)25.00Add
162European Regulations (162)50.00Add
471Evaluating Cooling Requirements and Heat Transfer Mechanisms (471)100.00Add
419Example of Work Ethics in a Southeast Asian Village (419)25.00Add
136Example: Estimating Electrical Uncertainty (136)25.00Add
132Examples of Estimating Uncertainty: Chemical (132)25.00Add
132Examples of Estimating Uncertainty: Electrical (132)100.00Add
132Examples of Estimating Uncertainty: Indication of an External Micrometer (132)50.00Add
132Examples of Estimating Uncertainty: Mass—Electronic Scale (132)25.00Add
132Examples of Estimating Uncertainty: Pressure (132)50.00Add
132Examples of Estimating Uncertainty: Temperature (132)50.00Add
172Excerpt from Optical Transport Networks & Technologies Standardization Work Plan (ITU-T) (172)25.00Add
450Excerpts from ADS-71-SP (450)25.00Add
451Excerpts from MIL-STD-810G (451)25.00Add
450Excerpts from MIL–STD–810G (450)25.00Add
450Excerpts from NASA CxP 70036 (450)25.00Add
421Exercise (421)25.00Add
105Fabrication of Semiconductor Devices (105)50.00Add
134Facilities, Environmental Control and other Contributors of Capability (134)150.00Add
173False Signals (173)25.00Add
162Fast Transients Immunity Testing (162)50.00Add
116/117Fatigue (116/117)250.00Add
117Fatigue (117)250.00Add
310Fatigue (310)200.00Add
P100Fatigue (P100)25.00Add
104/105Feedback (104/105)50.00Add
138Fiber Optic Attenuator Procedure (138)25.00Add
138Fiber Optic Calibration (138)25.00Add
172Fiber Optic Sensors (172)25.00Add
172Fiber Optic System Applications (172)25.00Add
138Fiber Optical Cabling (138)25.00Add
172Fiber Optical Cabling (172)25.00Add
104Field Effect Transistors (FETs) (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Field Effect Transistors (FETs) (104/105)50.00Add
166Filters (166)100.00Add
166/164Filters (166/164)100.00Add
130Final Review (130)50.00Add
161Final Review (161)250.00Add
195Finite Element Analysis25.00Add
142/195Finite Element Analysis (142-4)25.00Add
199Finite Impulse Response Filter — FIR (199)50.00Add
130First-Day Quiz (130)25.00Add
131Fixed Gauging: Principles (131)25.00Add
116Fixture Design (Chapter 7 reference) (116)25.00Add
157Fixture Design for Random Vibration and Shock (157)50.00Add
157Fixture Evaluation (157)50.00Add
320Forms and Mechanisms of Corrosion, Part II (320)25.00Add
320Forms and Mechanisms of Corrosion, Part III (320)25.00Add
199Fourier Series (199)50.00Add
116Fourier Transforms, Aliasing (Chapter 10 reference) (116)25.00Add
116/117Fourier Transforms, Aliasing (Chapter 9 reference) (116/117)25.00Add
171RFreeFire Exercise (171R)25.00Add
108Frequency and Stiffness Considerations (108)25.00Add
421Functional Analysis (421)25.00Add
825Gate Valves (825)25.00Add
230General Introduction to Climatic Testing (230)100.00Add
163Generating and Processing Digital Data (163)50.00Add
825Globe Valves (825)25.00Add
136Glossary (136)25.00Add
166Glossary (166)25.00Add
138Glossary and Acronyms (138)25.00Add
116Glossary and Definitions (116)25.00Add
116/117Glossary and Definitions (116/117)25.00Add
108Glossary of Symbols and Units (108)25.00Add
142Glossary of Symbols and Units (142)25.00Add
142/195Glossary of Symbols and Units (142-4)25.00Add
157Glossary of Symbols and Units (157)25.00Add
195Glossary of Symbols and Units (195)25.00Add
310Glossary of Symbols and Units (310)25.00Add
104Glossary of Terms (104-3)25.00Add
104/105Glossary of Terms (104/105)25.00Add
105Glossary of Terms (105)25.00Add
161Glossary of Terms (161)25.00Add
163Glossary of Terms (163)25.00Add
164Glossary of Terms (164)25.00Add
166/164Glossary of Terms (166/164)25.00Add
171Glossary of Terms (171)25.00Add
194/196Glossary of Terms (194)25.00Add
196Glossary of Terms (196)25.00Add
197Glossary of Terms (197)25.00Add
199Glossary of Terms (199)25.00Add
117Glossary of Terms and Acronyms (117)25.00Add
172Glossary of Terms and Acronyms (172)25.00Add
240Glossary of Terms and Acronyms (240)25.00Add
311Goodness-of-Fit Tests (311)25.00Add
173GPS Ground Support Equipment (173)25.00Add
173GPS Signals (173)25.00Add
161Grounding (161)150.00Add
162Grounding Techniques (162)25.00Add
164Guarded Voltmeter (164)50.00Add
166/164Guarded Voltmeter (166/164)50.00Add
240HALT: Highly Accelerated Life Testing (240)200.00Add
194/196Hardware (194)25.00Add
196Hardware (196)50.00Add
240HASS: Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (240)50.00Add
199How Numbers are processed in a DSP Polynomials (199)50.00Add
104/105Hybrid Circuits (104/105)50.00Add
105Hybrid Circuits (105)50.00Add
820Hydraulic Pulses, Vibration and Water Hammer (820)25.00Add
320Identification and Analysis of Corrosion Problems and Solutions (320)25.00Add
311Improving Reliability (311)25.00Add
108Index of Equations (108)25.00Add
116Index of Equations (116)25.00Add
116/117Index of Equations (116/117)25.00Add
117Index of Equations (117)25.00Add
132Index of Equations (132)25.00Add
157Index of Equations (157)25.00Add
162Index of Equations (162)25.00Add
172Index of Equations (172)25.00Add
310Index of Equations (310)25.00Add
157Index of Equations in 31025.00Add
157Index of Graphs and Tables25.00Add
108Index of Graphs and Tables (108)25.00Add
310Index of Graphs and Tables (310)25.00Add
199Infinite Impulse Response Filter — IIR (199)50.00Add
197-ARLInstrumentation and Structural-Dynamics Basics (197-ARL)25.00Add
104Instrumentation Errors (104-3)100.00Add
104/105Instrumentation Errors (104/105)100.00Add
104/105Integrated Circuit Applications (104/105)25.00Add
104/105Integrated Circuit Technology (104/105)25.00Add
104/105Integrated Circuits (104/105)50.00Add
472Integrated Circuits – PCB Characteristics (472)25.00Add
421Integrating System Engineering in Project Planning (421)25.00Add
163Integrating, Differentiating and Filters (163)50.00Add
197-ARLIntegration & Differentiation (197-ARL)25.00Add
157Interface Items (157)50.00Add
421Interface Management (421)25.00Add
139Internal Audit Process: ISO 17025 (139)25.00Add
173International GPS Systems (173)25.00Add
104/105Introduction (104/105)50.00Add
320Introduction (320)25.00Add
435Introduction (435)50.00Add
471Introduction (471)200.00Add
472Introduction (472)25.00Add
131Introduction and Focus (131)25.00Add
136Introduction and Focus (136)25.00Add
421Introduction and Fundamentals (421)25.00Add
139Introduction and Overview (139)25.00Add
172Introduction and Review (172)25.00Add
164Introduction to Instrumentation for Electrical Test and Measurement (164)25.00Add
P100Introduction to Algebra (P100)25.00Add
104Introduction to Amplifiers (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Introduction to Amplifiers (104/105)50.00Add
104Introduction to and Review of a Typical Electronic Circuit (104-3)50.00Add
166Introduction to Applied Measurement (166)50.00Add
P100Introduction to Calculus (P100)25.00Add
320Introduction to Corrosion (320)25.00Add
105Introduction to Digital Electronics (105)25.00Add
104/105Introduction to Digital Troubleshooting (104/105)50.00Add
425Introduction to Environmental Test Procedures (425)100.00Add
240Introduction to Environmental Testing (240)150.00Add
425Introduction to Environmental Testing (425)150.00Add
419Introduction to Ethics (419)25.00Add
138Introduction to Fiber Optic Systems (138)25.00Add
157Introduction to Fixture Design (157)100.00Add
173Introduction to GPS Systems (173)25.00Add
166/164Introduction to Instrumentation for Electrical Test and Measurement (166/164)50.00Add
450Introduction to ISO Quality Standards (450)50.00Add
138Introduction to Light Properties (138)25.00Add
172Introduction to Light Properties (172)25.00Add
138Introduction to Light Transmission (138)25.00Add
166/164Introduction to Measurement Engineering (166/164)50.00Add
116Introduction to Mechanical Shock (116)100.00Add
116/117Introduction to Mechanical Shock (116/117)100.00Add
117Introduction to Mechanical Shock (117)100.00Add
108Introduction to Mechanical Terms and Material Properties (108)25.00Add
138Introduction to Metrology and Calibration (138)25.00Add
116Introduction to Power Amplifiers (116)50.00Add
820Introduction to Pumps (820)25.00Add
116Introduction to Random Vibration (116)150.00Add
116/117Introduction to Random Vibration (116/117)150.00Add
142Introduction to Shock (142)50.00Add
142/195Introduction to Shock (142-4)50.00Add
116Introduction to Signal Waveforms and Electronic Filters (116)50.00Add
116/117Introduction to Signal Waveforms and Electronic Filters (116/117)50.00Add
117Introduction to Signal Waveforms and Electronic Filters (117)100.00Add
171Introduction to Telemetry Systems (171)50.00Add
116Introduction to Test Fixtures (116)100.00Add
116/117Introduction to Test Fixtures (116/117)100.00Add
117Introduction to Test Fixtures (117)100.00Add
130Introduction to the Measurement Process (130)50.00Add
471Introduction to Thermal Resistance Networks (471)50.00Add
132Introduction to Uncertainty (132)150.00Add
825Introduction to Valves (825)25.00Add
108Introduction to Vibration (108)25.00Add
116Introduction to Vibration (116)100.00Add
116/117Introduction to Vibration (116/117)100.00Add
117Introduction to Vibration (117)100.00Add
157Introduction to Vibration (157)100.00Add
310Introduction to Vibration (310)100.00Add
116Introduction to Vibration Exciters (Shakers) (116)150.00Add
116/117Introduction to Vibration Exciters (Shakers) (116/117)150.00Add
117Introduction to Vibration Exciters (Shakers) (117)150.00Add
157Introduction to Vibration Test Equipment (157)100.00Add
130ISO 9000 (130)25.00Add
138ISO Standard 17025 (138)25.00Add
131ISO Standard 17025 in Calibration Laboratories (131)25.00Add
105Karnaugh Maps (105)25.00Add
P100Kirchhoff’s Laws; Thevenin’s and Norton’s Theorems (P100)25.00Add
134Knowledge Check (134)25.00Add
435Kolmogorov-Smirnov (K-S) Limits (435)25.00Add
104/105Laboratory/Workshop Safety (104/105)50.00Add
104Laboratory/Workshop Safety Practice (104-3)50.00Add
105Laboratory/Workshop Safety Practice (105)25.00Add
131Laser Interferometry: Light as the Length Standard (131)25.00Add
138Light Sources (138)25.00Add
172Light Sources (172)25.00Add
173Linearization Solution of Satellite-to-User Range Equations (173)25.00Add
157Lissajous Patterns (157)25.00Add
138List of Equations (138)25.00Add
P100Logarithms and Decibels (P100)25.00Add
105Logic Functions (105)50.00Add
162Low Frequency Emissions / Harmonics (162)50.00Add
162Low Frequency Emissions: Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker (162)50.00Add
138Lower Cost Methods of Measuring Optical Bandwidth (138)25.00Add
161Magnetic Field Coupling (161)50.00Add
162Magnetic Field Immunity (Power Frequency) (162)50.00Add
166/164Making Measurements with a Digital Multimeter (166/164)50.00Add
163Making Measurements with a Digital Multimeter (163)50.00Add
164Making Measurements with a Digital Multimeter (164)50.00Add
139Management System; Documentation Control (139)25.00Add
472Manufacturing (472)25.00Add
435Markov/State Models (435)25.00Add
131Mass and Weight; Buoyancy (131)25.00Add
131Mass Measurement Techniques (131)25.00Add
157Material Selection in Engineering Design50.00Add
310Material Selection in Engineering Design (310)50.00Add
108Materials and Beams (108)25.00Add
104/105Mathematical Fundamentals (104/105)25.00Add
195Matrix Math Revisited25.00Add
142/195Matrix Math Revisited (142-4)25.00Add
157Measurement and Readout of Vibration (157)100.00Add
131Measurement of Angles: Angle Gage Blocks (131)25.00Add
142Measurement of Shock (142)250.00Add
142/195Measurement of Shock (142-4)250.00Add
130Measurement Standards and Traceability (130)100.00Add
136Measurement Standards and Traceability (136)25.00Add
138Measurement Standards and Traceability (138)25.00Add
164Measurement Systems (164)100.00Add
194/196Measurement Systems (194)100.00Add
197-ARLMeasurement Systems (197-ARL)25.00Add
130Measurement Techniques / Considerations (130)50.00Add
139Measurement Traceability / Sampling / Handling of Test and Calibration Items / Assuring Quality of Test and Calibration Results (139)25.00Add
130Measurement Uncertainty (130)150.00Add
136Measurement Uncertainty (136)25.00Add
166Measurement Uncertainty and Introduction to Statistics (166)25.00Add
166/164Measurement Uncertainty and Introduction to Statistics (166/164)25.00Add
130Measurement Uncertainty Budget (130)25.00Add
435Measures of Central Tendency (435)50.00Add
435Measures of Dispersion (435)50.00Add
130Measuring and Test Equipment (130)50.00Add
472Mechanical Engineering (472)25.00Add
157Mechanical Shock (157)100.00Add
310Mechanical Shock (310)50.00Add
425Mechanical Shock Test Equipment (425)100.00Add
425Mechanical Shock Test Procedures (425)50.00Add
425Mechanical Shock Theory (425)50.00Add
104/105Memory (104/105)50.00Add
105Memory (105)50.00Add
142/195Meshing (142-4)50.00Add
195Meshing (195)50.00Add
451Method 500.5 Low Pressure (Altitude) (451)100.00Add
451Method 501.5 High Temperature (451)100.00Add
451Method 502.5 Low Temperature (451)100.00Add
451Method 503.5 Temperature Shock (451)50.00Add
451Method 504.1 Contamination by Fluids (451)50.00Add
451Method 505.5 Solar Radiation (Sunshine) (451)100.00Add
451Method 506.5 Rain (451)100.00Add
451Method 507.5 Humidity (451)50.00Add
451Method 508.6 Fungus (451)50.00Add
451Method 509.5 Salt Fog (451)50.00Add
451Method 510.5 Sand and Dust (451)50.00Add
451Method 511.5 Explosive Atmosphere (451)50.00Add
451Method 512.5 Immersion (451)50.00Add
451Method 513.6 Acceleration (451)50.00Add
451Method 514.6 Vibration (451)200.00Add
451Method 515.6 Acoustic Noise (451)50.00Add
451Method 516.6 Shock (451)100.00Add
451Method 517.1 Pyroshock (451)50.00Add
451Method 518.1 Acidic Atmosphere (451)50.00Add
451Method 519.6 Gunfire Shock (451)50.00Add
451Method 520.3 Temperature, Humidity, Vibration and Shock (451)100.00Add
451Method 521.3 Icing/Freezing Rain (451)50.00Add
451Method 522.1 Ballistic Shock (451)50.00Add
451Method 523.3 Vibro-Acoustic/Temperature (451)50.00Add
451Method 524 Freeze/Thaw (451)50.00Add
451Method 525 Time Waveform Replication (451)50.00Add
451Method 526 Rail Impact (451)50.00Add
451Method 527 Multi-Exciter Testing (MET) (451)50.00Add
451Method 528 Mechanical Vibrations of Shipboard Equipment (451)50.00Add
320Methods of Corrosion Control (320)25.00Add
130Metrication / The Metric System (SI) (130)50.00Add
134Metrology is a Science, Calibration is a Process (134)50.00Add
132Metrology Reference Information (132)25.00Add
131Metrology Reference, Technical Organizations (131)25.00Add
311MIL-HDBK-217E (311)25.00Add
162MIL-STD-461 (162)100.00Add
311MIL-STD-781D (311)25.00Add
142/195MIL-STD-810G, Method 516.6, Shock (142-4)25.00Add
142MIL-STD-810G, Method 516.6, Shock (optional) (142)25.00Add
450Military vs. Commercial Specifications (450)50.00Add
161Mixed Coupling (161)50.00Add
157Modal Analysis and Modal Testing (157)100.00Add
310Modal Analysis and Modal Testing (310)100.00Add
142/195Modal Parameter Extraction (142-4)50.00Add
195Modal Parameter Extraction (195)50.00Add
142/195Modal Test Planning and Set-up (142-4)250.00Add
195Modal Test Planning and Set-up (195)250.00Add
116/117Modal Testing (116/117)100.00Add
117Modal Testing (117)100.00Add
421Modeling & Simulation (421)25.00Add
104/105More about Boolean Algebra (104/105)25.00Add
105More about Boolean Algebra (105)25.00Add
105More about Integrated Circuits (105)25.00Add
435More Distributions (435)50.00Add
194/196Multiple-Degree-of-Freedom Systems (194)100.00Add
197-ARLMultiple-Degree-of-Freedom Systems (197-ARL)25.00Add
142Multiple-Degrees of Freedom (MDoF) Systems (142)150.00Add
142/195Multiple-Degrees of Freedom (MDoF) Systems (142-4)150.00Add
195Multiple-Degrees of Freedom (MDoF) Systems (195)150.00Add
194/196Multiplexers (194)50.00Add
196Multiplexers (196)50.00Add
134National, International Quality Standards, Requirements and Guides for Calibration (134)50.00Add
138NIST Standard Reference Material 2517A (138)25.00Add
163Noise (163)50.00Add
164Noise (164)50.00Add
166/164Noise (166/164)50.00Add
104/105Numbering Systems and Binary Arithmetic (104/105)50.00Add
105Numbering Systems and Binary Arithmetic (105)50.00Add
104Operational Amplifiers (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Operational Amplifiers (104/105)50.00Add
172Optical Devices being Developed at the Naval Research Laboratory (172)25.00Add
138Optical Fibers (138)25.00Add
172Optical Fibers (172)25.00Add
139Organization and Management (139)25.00Add
134Organizational Structure and Responsibilities (134)150.00Add
157Orthogonal Motion—Cross Talk (157)50.00Add
199Orthogonality and Quadrature (199)50.00Add
197Oscillating-Signal Analysis (197)100.00Add
104Oscillators (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Oscillators (104/105)50.00Add
136Oscilloscopes (136)25.00Add
163Oscilloscopes (163)50.00Add
164Oscilloscopes (164)50.00Add
166/164Oscilloscopes (166/164)50.00Add
131Other Geometries: Cylinders, Threads and Spheres—Dimensional Nightmares (131)25.00Add
240Overview of Accelerated Testing Analytical Models (240)25.00Add
136Overview of ISO 17025 (136)25.00Add
435Parameter Estimation and Design of Experiments (435)25.00Add
163Parameters of Linear Systems (163)50.00Add
164Parameters of Linear Systems (164)50.00Add
166/164Parameters of Linear Systems (166/164)50.00Add
Part I (116/117T)25.00Add
Part II (116/117T)25.00Add
451Part One: Introduction, History and Scope (451)100.00Add
451Part Three: World Climatic Regions— Guidance (451)50.00Add
451Part Two: Typical Format used for Environmental Test Methods; Commonly cited paragraphs from Part One (451)50.00Add
472PCB Materials (472)25.00Add
240Performing HALT: Highly Accelerated Life Test (240)150.00Add
104Photo-Electric Devices (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Photo-electric Devices (104/105)50.00Add
471Physical Properties of Materials (471)25.00Add
164Power and Energy Measurements (164)50.00Add
166/164Power and Energy Measurements (166/164)50.00Add
162Power Line Surge Testing (162)50.00Add
820Practical Applications: Calculating Head (820)25.00Add
230Preparatory Segment (230)25.00Add
450Preparing and Reviewing Environmental Requirements (450)100.00Add
104/105Primitive Logic Functions (104/105)50.00Add
435Probability (435)100.00Add
311Probability/Statistics (311)25.00Add
132Propagation of Errors (132)150.00Add
320Properties of Metallic Materials, Part II (320)25.00Add
320Properties of Metallic Materials, Part III (320)25.00Add
320Properties of Non-Metallic Materials (320)25.00Add
230Published Papers, References (230)25.00Add
820Pump Bearing Problems (820)25.00Add
820Pump Bearings: Physical Failure Analysis (820)25.00Add
820Pump Foundations and Mountings (820)25.00Add
820Pump Imbalance, Alignment, Coupling (820)25.00Add
820Pump Maintenance, Planning and Scheduling (820)25.00Add
820Pump Operation and Mechanical Issues (820)25.00Add
820Pump Operation and Performance Curves (820)25.00Add
820Pump Parameters (820)25.00Add
820Pump Seals (820)25.00Add
820Pump Types (820)25.00Add
820Pumpjacks and Blowout Preventers (820)25.00Add
472Quality Assurance (472)25.00Add
134Quality Management System (134)50.00Add
162Radiated Field Immunity Testing (162)50.00Add
471Radiation Heat Transfer (471)25.00Add
194/196Random Testing (194)100.00Add
157Random Vibration (157)50.00Add
310Random Vibration (310)25.00Add
117Random Vibration and Spectral Analysis (117)25.00Add
116Random Vibration Testing (116)25.00Add
116/117Random Vibration Testing (116/117)50.00Add
116/117Random Vibration Testing (Chapter 12 reference) (116/117)25.00Add
116Random Vibration Testing (Chapter 13 reference) (116)25.00Add
171Range Telecommunications (171)50.00Add
104Reactance and Impedance in AC Circuits (104-3)100.00Add
104Reactance and Impedance in AC Circuits: Examples (104-3)25.00Add
104/105Reactances in Series and Parallel (104/105)100.00Add
104/105Reactive AC Circuits—Examples (104/105)25.00Add
194/196Real System Configurations (194)50.00Add
196Real System Configurations (196)50.00Add
104Rectifiers and Filters (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Rectifiers and Filters (104/105)50.00Add
166Reducing Signal Noise (166)50.00Add
166/164Reducing Signal Noise (166/164)50.00Add
131Reference Planes—Calibration of Flatness: Surface plates (131)25.00Add
161Reference: Typical Capacitances, Electrical isolation for accelerometers, EM Radiation Frequency Range (161)25.00Add
163References, Bibliography, and Further Readings (163)25.00Add
311Reliability Program: Engineering Tasks (311)25.00Add
311Reliability Program—Management, Engineering Tasks—MIL Standard 785 (311)25.00Add
311Reliability Testing (311)25.00Add
311Reliability-Quality (311)25.00Add
825Relief Valves (825)25.00Add
139Reporting the Results (139)25.00Add
132Reporting Uncertainty (132)50.00Add
139Requests, Tenders, Contracts, Purchasing (139)25.00Add
421Requirements Definition and Tracking (421)25.00Add
421Requirements Verification (421)25.00Add
421Resource Allocations and Tracking (421)25.00Add
196Review and Summary (196)50.00Add
162Review of Applicable Theory and Terminology (162)100.00Add
172Review of Basic Electrical Theory (172)25.00Add
104Review of Basic Mathematics (104-3)25.00Add
P100Review of Basic Mathematics (P100)25.00Add
172Review of Basic Telecommunications Theory (172)25.00Add
166Review of Dynamic Theory (166)50.00Add
166/164Review of Dynamic Theory (166/164)50.00Add
163Review of Electrical Fundamentals Part 1 (163)150.00Add
163Review of Electrical Fundamentals Part 2 (163)100.00Add
P100Review of Geometry/Introduction to Trigonometry (P100)25.00Add
450Review of Important Environmental Standards (450)250.00Add
108Review of Mathematics (108)25.00Add
131Review of Statistical Analysis and Uncertainty (131)25.00Add
157Review of Structural Design Fundamentals (157)400.00Add
310Review of Structural Design Fundamentals (310)250.00Add
472Review of Vibration Effects (472)25.00Add
139Review Questions (139)25.00Add
197Review Questions (197)25.00Add
162RF Emissions (162)50.00Add
171RF Transmission (171)100.00Add
130Risk Management (130)50.00Add
421Risk Management (421)25.00Add
194/196Role of Data Acquisition (194)50.00Add
196Role of Data Acquisition (196)50.00Add
825Safety Relief Valves (825)25.00Add
164Safety, Grounding, Circuit Protection, Input/Output Impedance, Power Transfer (164)100.00Add
166/164Safety, Grounding, Circuit Protection, Input/Output Impedance, Power Transfer (166/164)100.00Add
194/196Sample Data Acquisition System Specification (194)25.00Add
196Sample System Specification (196)25.00Add
194/196Sampling Theory — Aliasing (194)50.00Add
196Sampling Theory — Aliasing (196)50.00Add
197-ARLSampling Theory/Aliasing (197-ARL)25.00Add
173Satellite Tracking, Triangulation and Differential GPS Systems (173)25.00Add
139Scope, Normative References, Terms (139)25.00Add
104Semiconductor Physics (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Semiconductor Physics (104/105)50.00Add
105Semiconductor Physics (105)50.00Add
172Semiconductors, Diodes and Transistors (172)25.00Add
164Sensors / Transducers (164)50.00Add
166/164Sensors / Transducers (166/164)50.00Add
104Series and Parallel Resonance (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Series and Parallel Resonance (104/105)50.00Add
134Service Providers, Housekeeping and Safety (134)50.00Add
142/195Setting up the Modal Test (142-4)150.00Add
195Setting up the Modal Test (195)150.00Add
163Shock Measurement (163)100.00Add
142Shock Testing (142)250.00Add
142/195Shock Testing (142-4)250.00Add
166Signal Analysis and Aliasing (166)25.00Add
166/164Signal Analysis and Aliasing (166/164)25.00Add
171Signal Sampling (171)50.00Add
171Signal Waveforms and Fourier Analysis (171)50.00Add
194/196Sine Testing (194)50.00Add
116Sine Vibration Testing (116)50.00Add
116/117Sine Vibration Testing (116/117)50.00Add
116/117Sine Vibration Testing — Crossover Frequency Example (Chapter 11 reference) (116/117)25.00Add
116Sine Vibration Testing — Crossover Frequency Example (Chapter 12 reference) (116)25.00Add
195Single-Degree-of-Freedom (SDoF) and 2DoF Systems (195)200.00Add
142/195Single-Degree-of-Freedom and 2-Degree-of-Freedom (SDoF and 2DoF) Systems (142-4)200.00Add
142Single-Degree-of-Freedom and 2-Degree-of-Freedom (SDoF and 2DoF) Systems (142)200.00Add
142Some Essentials of Signal Processing (142)200.00Add
142/195Some Essentials of Signal Processing (142-4)200.00Add
195Some Essentials of Signal Processing (195)200.00Add
471Special Cooling Applications (471)100.00Add
197Special Topics (197)100.00Add
240Specifications for HALT & HASS (240)50.00Add
197Spectral Analysis (197)250.00Add
197Spectral Analysis of “Continuous” Tests (197)50.00Add
164Spectral and Fourier Analysis (164)100.00Add
166Spectral and Fourier Analysis (166)100.00Add
166/164Spectral and Fourier Analysis (166/164)100.00Add
166Standard Deviation Calculation Worksheet (166)25.00Add
166/164Standard Deviation Calculation worksheet (166/164)25.00Add
116Standards, Specifications and Procedures (116)50.00Add
116/117Standards, Specifications and Procedures (116/117)50.00Add
117Standards, Specifications and Procedures (117)50.00Add
104/105State Diagrams, Tables and Machines (104/105)50.00Add
105State Diagrams, Tables and Machines (105)50.00Add
197Static Test Analysis100.00Add
132Statistical concepts in measurement (132)100.00Add
311Statistical Confidence Limits (311)25.00Add
435Statistical Confidence Limits (435)25.00Add
164Statistical Distributions (164)25.00Add
311Statistical Distributions (311)25.00Add
P100Structural Theory: Beams (P100)25.00Add
P100Structural Theory: Materials, Stress, and Strain (P100)25.00Add
P100Structural Theory: Torque, Moments of Inertia (P100)25.00Add
435Student Exercise: Designing a Sampling Experiment (435)50.00Add
435Student Exercise: Tests Between Two Populations and Samples (435)50.00Add
435Student Experiment (435)50.00Add
117Swept Sine Resonance Search—Fixture Evaluation Example (Chapter 7 reference) (117)25.00Add
161Switching Power Supplies (161)50.00Add
163System Considerations (163)50.00Add
421System Engineering Execution (421)25.00Add
171System Processing, Testing, and Specifying (171)50.00Add
197-ARLSystem Qualification/Tests (197-ARL)25.00Add
194/196System Specification and Evaluation (194)150.00Add
196System Specification and Evaluation (196)150.00Add
421Systems Engineering Fundamentals (421)25.00Add
142/195Table-Top Drop Shock Test (142-4)25.00Add
142Table-Top Drop Shock Test (optional) (142)25.00Add
194/196Technical Articles and Demonstration Programs (194)25.00Add
196Technical Articles and Demonstration Programs (196)25.00Add
134Technical Organizations / Metrology Materials (134)25.00Add
130Technical Organizations / Reference Materials (130)25.00Add
131Technical Requirements in Calibration Procedures: Content requirements (131)25.00Add
131Technical Requirements in Calibration Standards (131)25.00Add
136Technical Requirements in Calibration Standards (136)25.00Add
139Technical Requirements: General, Personnel, Accommodation and Environmental Conditions (139)25.00Add
171Telemetry Techniques: Frequency Modulation (FM) and Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) (171)50.00Add
171Telemetry Techniques: Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) (171)250.00Add
230Test Ethics and Documentation (230)50.00Add
116/117Test Fixture Evaluation Example (Chapter 7 reference) (116/117)25.00Add
450Test Tailoring and Document Tailorability (450)150.00Add
139Test/Calibration Methods and Method Validation (139)25.00Add
472Testing (472)25.00Add
172Testing DWDM Passive Optical Components (172)25.00Add
194/196Testing Objectives/Philosophy and Simulation Concepts (194)100.00Add
138Testing Passive Optical Components (138)25.00Add
194/196The Computer and The Data Acquisition System (194)100.00Add
196The Computer and The Data Acquisition System (196)100.00Add
171The Computer and the Telemetry System (171)200.00Add
230The Fungus Environment (230)50.00Add
171The Future (171)50.00Add
230The Humidity Environment (230)200.00Add
230The Immersion, Splash, Spray and Leak Environment (230)50.00Add
230The Pressure (Altitude) Environment (230)50.00Add
472The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) (472)25.00Add
230The Rain and Ice Environments (230)100.00Add
311The Reliability Discipline (311)25.00Add
421The Review Process (421)25.00Add
450The Role of Environmental Standards and Specifications (450)100.00Add
230The Salt Fog Environment (230)50.00Add
230The Sand and Dust Environment (230)50.00Add
142The Shock Response Spectrum (142)150.00Add
142/195The Shock Response Spectrum (142-4)150.00Add
230The Solar Radiation Environment (230)50.00Add
451The Team; General Test Guidelines (451)150.00Add
230The Temperature Environments (230)25.00Add
472Thermal Design (472)25.00Add
471Thermal Modeling (471)100.00Add
425Thermal Test Equipment (425)50.00Add
425Thermal Test Procedures (425)50.00Add
471Thermal Testing (471)50.00Add
425Thermal Testing Background Information (425)25.00Add
425Thermal Theory (425)50.00Add
131Threads and Cylindrical Rings (131)25.00Add
104Thyristors (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Thyristors (104/105)50.00Add
164Time and Frequency Measurements (164)50.00Add
166/164Time and Frequency Measurements (166/164)50.00Add
171Time Codes (171)50.00Add
173Time Measurement and GPS (173)25.00Add
116/117TTitle page (116/117T)25.00Add
435Tolerance Analysis (435)25.00Add
173Tracking Systems Using GPS (173)25.00Add
421Trade Studies (421)25.00Add
166Transducer Calibration (166)25.00Add
166/164Transducer Calibration (166/164)25.00Add
163Transducers (163)150.00Add
166Transducers (166)50.00Add
104Transformers (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Transformers (104/105)50.00Add
197-ARLTransient Analysis/SRS & Variations (197-ARL)25.00Add
104/105Transient R-C and R-L Circuits (104/105)50.00Add
104/105Transient R-C and R-L Circuits—Examples (104/105)25.00Add
104Transient RC and RL Circuits (104-3)50.00Add
104Transient RC and RL Circuits: Examples (104-3)25.00Add
194/196Transient Testing (194)250.00Add
104Transistors and Biasing (104-3)25.00Add
104/105Transistors and Biasing (104/105)50.00Add
105Transistors and Biasing; Field Effect Transistors (FETs) (105)50.00Add
130Treatment of Data (130)100.00Add
820Trouble Shooting Pumps (820)25.00Add
104Tuned Amplifiers (104-3)50.00Add
104/105Tuned Amplifiers (104/105)50.00Add
164Types of Data Signals (164)50.00Add
166/164Types of Data Signals (166/164)50.00Add
136Types of Standards (136)25.00Add
142/195Typical Drop Shock and Vibration Test Specification for Disk Drive Assemblies (142-4)25.00Add
142Typical Drop Shock and Vibration Test Specification for Disk Drive Assemblies (optional) (142)25.00Add
142/195Typical Free Fall Shock Test Specification (142-4)25.00Add
142Typical Free Fall Shock Test Specification (optional) (142)25.00Add
163Typical Instrumentation Selection Check List (163)25.00Add
166Typical Instrumentation Selection Check List (166)25.00Add
166/164Typical Instrumentation Selection Check List (166/164)25.00Add
164Understanding Decibels (dB) and Octaves (164)25.00Add
166Understanding Decibels (dB) and Octaves (166)50.00Add
199Understanding Decibels (dB) and Octaves (199)25.00Add
157Understanding Decibels and Octaves25.00Add
310Understanding Decibels and Octaves (310)25.00Add
116Understanding Decibels and Octaves (Chapter 2 reference) (116)25.00Add
116/117Understanding Decibels and Octaves (Chapter 2 reference) (116/117)25.00Add
117Understanding Decibels and Octaves (Chapter 2 reference) (117)25.00Add
142/195Undex Underwater Explosions And Surface Testing (142-4)25.00Add
142Undex Underwater Explosions And Surface Testing (optional) (142)25.00Add
163Using a Function Generator/Arbitrary Waveform Generator (163)50.00Add
425Vacuum Testing (425)25.00Add
425Vacuum Testing Background Information (425)25.00Add
825Valve Actuators and Positioners (825)25.00Add
825Valve Construction and Materials (825)25.00Add
825Valve Trim and Characteristics (825)25.00Add
825Valve Types (825)25.00Add
825Valves and Flow Dynamics (825)25.00Add
P100Vectors, Sine Waves, Phase (P100)25.00Add
171Vendors in Telemetry (171)50.00Add
194/196Vibration Environment Simulation Hardware (194)100.00Add
116Vibration Measurement (116)200.00Add
116/117Vibration Measurement (116/117)150.00Add
117Vibration Measurement (117)200.00Add
425Vibration Test Equipment (425)100.00Add
157Vibration Test Fixtures - General Remarks (157)100.00Add
425Vibration Test Procedures (425)100.00Add
116Vibration Testing (116)100.00Add
116/117Vibration Testing (116/117)100.00Add
117Vibration Testing (117)100.00Add
157Vibration Testing Specifications (157)50.00Add
425Vibration Theory (425)200.00Add
162Voltage Dips and Interruptions—Immunity (162)50.00Add
138Wavemeter Calibration Procedure (138)25.00Add
164Wheatstone Bridges (164)50.00Add
166Wheatstone Bridges (166)50.00Add
166/164Wheatstone Bridges (166/164)50.00Add
421Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) (421)25.00Add
419Work Ethics (419)25.00Add
435Worked Example (435)50.00Add
134Workflow and Calibration Process (134)250.00Add

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