419 Introduction to Ethics

This course is required for award of any TTi Specialist Diploma. Generally the student attends a one-on-one presentation when visiting TTi headquarters to present his or her Thesis.

For Whom Intended This course is designed for personnel in a wide range of organizations and industries. Everyone encounters moral and ethical dilemmas in their work life. Course 419 is intended to provide a practical framework for looking at those dilemmas.

Brief Course Description The course introduces the factors that must be addressed to undertake an ethical working life. The instructor discusses broad moral principles before moving into specific categories of ethics.

The concept of a “work ethic” is discussed, with emphasis on understanding the employer’s point of view. A range of situations are discussed in which the student is asked to imagine themselves, and clarify what is the right thing to do.

The US Department of Defense has explicit ethical guidelines for relationships with contractors. They provide a useful tool not only for DoD employees but for anyone who interfaces with contractors in any activity. These guidelines are discussed in detail, taking a look at gifts, travel and post-government employment.

A positive case study is presented, of a Southeast Asian village where teamwork and respect for authority lead to productive relationships. A brief history of recent scandals underpins a chapter on Government ethics. The course concludes with a chapter on business ethics, touching on many different examples of the moral and ethical choices people in business have to make.

The course is presented as a series of highly-interactive lecture/discussion sessions. Special-interest discussions are encouraged outside of the regular course sessions.

Diploma Programs This course is required for all of TTi’s TTi Diploma Programs. It is the final course in the series, to be completed along with the Specialist Thesis.

Text Each student will receive access to the on-line electronic course workbook, including most of the slides used in the course presentation. An initial subscription is included with the course and renewals are available for an additional fee.

Course Hours, Certificate and CEUs Open courses meet seven hours per day. Upcoming presentation dates can be found on our current open course schedule. Class hours/ days for on-site courses vary from 14–35 hours over 2–5 days as requested by client. Upon successful course completion, each participant receives a certificate of completion and one Continuing Education Unit (CEU) for every ten class hours.

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Course Outline

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Ethics

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  • Introduction to Ethics
  • The Greek Philosophers
  • Philosophy
  • Moral Principles
  • Characteristics of People
  • Ethically Corrupt
  • Ethical Standards

Chapter 2 - Work Ethics

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  • Improving Work Ethic
  • Positive Attitude
  • Team Player
  • Youngsters not motivated
  • Meaning of Work
  • Proper Work Ethics
  • Shady Work Ethics
  • Work Ethics

Chapter 3 - DoD Acquisition Ethics

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  • Overview
  • Examples
  • Army SOP Prohibits
  • Going Beyond the Procurement Integrity Act: Concerns
  • Bribery 18 USC Section 201
  • Gifts
    • Defining what is a gift
    • Exceptions
    • Misuse of Contractor Personnel
  • Travel
    • When Permissible to Accept Official Travel from a Contractor
    • Reporting Travel Expenses
    • Transportation Integral to a Site Visit
    • Sharing a Taxi
    • Contractor employee in Army vehicle
  • Seeking Employment
    • Post-Government Employment Restrictions: 1-Year Cooling-Off Period
  • Public Financial Disclosure Filers

Chapter 4 - Example of Work Ethics in a Southeast Asian Village

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  • Discover Good Work Ethics
  • Some Traditional Cultural Characteristics
  • Respect for Authority
  • Relationships
  • Teamwork

Chapter 5 - Ethics in Congress

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  • Congress Image Tarnished
  • House Scandals in the 1990’s
  • Congress Moves on Ethics
  • Mass Repentance for Past Sins

Chapter 6 - Business Ethics

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OnDemand Short Topics$25.00
  • Re -Training Employees ?
  • Teaching Morality – by Parents
  • Morally Responsible Company
  • Conflicts between Ethics and Money
  • Good Ethics Results in Good Business
  • Little Incentive for Short Term Profits
  • Implementing Morals May Not be Economical
  • Products Made by Ethical Companies
  • Unscrupulous but Legal Practices
  • Morals included in Western Law
  • Broad Moral Principles
  • Responsible to Employees
  • Corporate Code of Ethics

Summary, Discussion

Award of Certificates for Successful Completion

Click for a printable course outline (pdf).