421 Principles of Project/Systems Engineering

For Whom Intended  This course is designed for all levels of engineers and managers working on/with technology and technical related projects/programs; military and civilian engineers of all disciplines, project engineers, program managers, and scientists.

Brief Course Description  This course provides an introduction to project engineering principles, processes and practices. Quality assurance/control and system engineering techniques and their application to project engineering will be covered.

Because of the highly interactive format, a semester long course can be presented and should be understood in this time frame. The instructor welcomes questions and comments during lectures. Private discussions can be arranged between instructor and participants after class. There will be a Final Review to evaluate the students' understanding of the course material presented.

Diploma Programs  This course may be used as an optional course for any TTi Specialist Diploma program.

Prerequisites  There are no specific prerequisites. This course is aimed toward individuals actively involved in related technical fields. This course is designed to serve the varied needs of managers and engineers. The instructor maintains a good balance between practical training and theory, wherever possible.

Text  Each student will receive 180 days access to the on-line electronic course workbook. Renewals and printed textbooks are available for an additional fee.

Course Hours, Certificate and CEUs  Class hours/days for on-site courses can vary from 14-35 hours over 2-5 days as requested by our clients. Upon successful course completion, each participant receives a certificate of completion and one Continuing Education Unit (CEU) for every ten class hours.

Internet Complete Course 425 features almost 16 hours of video as well as more in-depth reading material. All chapters of course 425 are also available as OnDemand Internet Short Topics. See the course outline below for details.

Click for a printable course outline (pdf).

Course Outline

Chapter 1 - Introduction and Fundamentals

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  • Definitions
  • Aspects of Systems Engineering
  • System Engineering Examples
  • Role of Systems Engineering
  • Sample Team Organization Chart

Chapter 2 - Systems Engineering Fundamentals

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  • System Engineering Roles/Responsibilities
  • Requirements: Definition, Analysis, Tracking
  • Interface Management
  • Resources: Allocations and Tracking
  • Fundamental System Engineering Activities
  • Functional Analysis
  • Design Synthesis and Trade Studies
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Configuration Management and Review Process
  • Risk Management
    • Risk Analysis
  • Requirements Verification
  • Product Life Cycle
    • Life Cycle Integration
  • Part 1: Group Project #1

Chapter 3 - Requirements Definition and Tracking

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  • General Comments about Requirements
    • Requirements categorized in common fields
    • Attributes of Good Requirements
    • General Thoughts about Traceability
  • Requirements Documentation
    • Documents
    • Databases
    • Spreadsheet Example
    • Tree
  • Allocation, Margins, Budgets
    • Allocation
    • Margins
    • Budget Management
  • Requirements Analysis
    • Requirement Analysis Strategies
    • Requirement Analysis Outputs
    • Representative Requirements Analysis Procedure (IEEE P1220)
  • Follow-on Tasks
    • Requirements Tracking

Chapter 4 - Interface Management

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  • What is an Interface?
  • Interface Analysis
  • Interface Identification
  • N-Squared Method
    • N-Squared Diagram Example
    • More Complex N-Squared Diagrams
  • Schematic Diagram Method
    • Example System Block Diagram
  • Interface Dictionaries
  • Global Documents
  • Interface Responsibility

Chapter 5 - Resource Allocations and Tracking

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  • Resource Allocation
    • Allocations and Margins
  • Resource Tracking
  • Part 2: Group Project #2

Chapter 6 - Functional Analysis

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  • Functional Analysis Process
    • Primary Steps To Functional Analysis
    • Functional Analysis Flowchart
    • Functions Hierarchy Diagram (FHD)
    • Functional Flow Block Diagram (FFBD)
    • Timeline Analysis Sheets (TLS)
    • Requirement Allocations Sheets
  • Functional Architecture

Chapter 7 - Design Synthesis

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  • Example: Drone Launch & Retrieve System for Ship
  • Design Tools
    • Analytical
    • Concept Description Diagram
    • System Block Diagram
    • CAD Modeling
    • Numerical Analysis
    • Prototyping

Chapter 8 - Trade Studies

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  • Introduction to Trade Studies
    • Functional Architecture Examples
    • Physical Architecture Examples
  • Trade Study Criteria
  • Formality, Level of Detail
  • Trade Study Process

Chapter 9 - Modeling & Simulation

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  • Introduction
  • Classes of Modeling and Simulation
    • Virtual, Live, Constructive
  • Constructive Models and Simulations
    • CAD, CAE and CAM examples
  • Model Verification and Validation
  • Incorporation into the Design Process
  • Part 3: Group Project #3

Chapter 10 - Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

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  • Introduction
  • Uses of the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Generating a WBS
    • General Procedure for Generating the WBS
    • Generating a WBS
    • Example: WBS Level 3 Element Dictionary Excerpt
  • Utilizing a WBS

Chapter 11 - Configuration Management

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  • System Configuration—Introduction
  • Configuration Baseline
  • Facets of Configuration Management
    • Planning
    • Identification/Documentation
  • Configuration Control
    • Configuration Change Process
  • Accounting
  • Audits
  • Interface Management
  • Interface Documentation
  • Interface Control Board (ICB)

Chapter 12 - The Review Process

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  • Technical Review
    • Technical Review Process
    • System Eng. Responsibilities in Technical Reviews
    • Phasing of Technical Reviews
  • Standard Reviews
  • Requirement Reviews
  • Design Reviews
  • Critical Design Review (CDR)
    • Sample CDR Guidelines
  • Verification Reviews

Chapter 13 - Risk Management

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  • Introduction to Risk
  • Categories of Risk
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Planning
  • Risk Identification and Assessment
  • Risk Matrix
    • Risk Matrix Definitions
    • Risk Scoring—Scoring an Identified Risk Using the Risk Matrix
    • Risk Matrix, Fully Populated
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Part 4: Project #4

Chapter 14 - Requirements Verification

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  • Requirements Verification
  • Verification Classes
    • Qualification, Acceptance, System Test and Evaluation
  • Methods of Verification
    • Analysis, Inspection, Demonstration, Test
    • Selection of Verification Method
  • Verification Task Flow
  • Verification vs. Noncompliance
  • Part 5:  Group Project #5

Chapter 15 - Integrating System Engineering in Project Planning

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  • Review: Responsibilities and Goals of System Engineering
  • Objectives of System Engineering Planning (SEP)
    • SEP Should Contain:
  • Integration of System Development

Chapter 16 - System Engineering Execution

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  • System Engineering Basics
  • System Engineering Core Responsibilities
  • Fundamental System Engineering Activities
  • System Engineering Effort
  • Teamwork Basics
  • Teamwork: The IPT
  • Establishment and Consistency
  • Conclusion

E - Exercise

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Summary, Final Review, Award of Certificates

Click for a printable course outline (pdf).